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04-13-2006, 07:39 PM
some new projects, thought i'd announce them since i sent a carefully worded email about 4 months ago, to bungie and recieved no response, and no mailer error (thats a good thing, it means they dont want to tell you anything cuz they might use the idea)

2 new projects both featuring masterchief:

forerunner: a game with spartans (not neccessarily master chief) in it, using a non liniary cause and effect story instead of the basic halo accomplish/fail mission base. essentailly all theyve announced was that it would have missions that are given but can be chosen which will be completed and it will have a different outcome, sounds cool, this was the first announced... it sounded somewhat like what i suggested but really not hitting it at all, i was still excited though... just maybe it was me. but then i heard about the other project and i freaked out... because this idea is almost exactly what i said.

orion (like the star formation, its a belt, which is in the shape of a halo... now do you get the name?): a halo based mmo fps for the 360 in the planning phase, currently still just "loose talk" or "semi confirmed" rumor... but parts of it HAVE been confirmed so its not entirely bogus... and heres the email that has me so excited (no im not normally this way about halo, its just that the idea of maybe being even the smallest part of an amazing game blows my mind)

i starred my last name so no1 kills me or anything, and the legal stuff at the bottom, they never replied so my lips are loose until i get the word...

"Dear Bungie Studios,

Before I get started, I would just like to say that I love the games
that the fine employees of your company have produced, and this email
wont be a waste of any one of those employee's time.

The Halo series has revolutionized game play in the first person
shooter genre for quite some time. Halo 2 as you probably take pride
in, has been on the roof in the house of most played Live games since
its release. Bungie thinks outside of the box when it comes to FPS
games; but what if I were to tell you that the box is full, and there
is no space around it. It is time for Bungie to create a new place for
it to prosper, a guaranteed success and far larger appeal audience
than Halo 2.

I play many different types of video games and can see the appeal of
all different types on genres. It's fun to blow stuff up and prove to
people that you have superior instinct and reflexes at the control
with first person shooter games; It's great to show that your tactics
and timing are great with real time simulators; it's interesting in a
different world from our own, where our actions have a say in story,
and our character is our creation in role playing games. Many have
tried to compile two genres together and have failed, but many have
made great games. For example, although not widely known, or very
recent, Planetside was a great combination of first person shooter
with a world that was vast and customizable characters. More recently,
a decent game, Rainbow Six Lockdown, enabled players to customize
characters in normal FPS games, similar to counterstrike with the buy
feature, but unique for an FPS game with it's character skill points.
Something that is widely overlooked though, is the real time
simulator's ability to merge with other games. People see it as a
great game type, but something more of the past. I have found a way to
make it part of a game, and I know Bungie Studios has the skills and
the story to make a great, entirely revolutionary game.

Although the world of massive multiplayer online games is nothing new,
it is what games are headed for, and as a part of Microsoft, which
sells a system that is being rivaled by the Play Station 3, I would
like to step back and remind you that Sony already has the means to
create an MMO game that will succeed.(www.station.sony.com) What dies
on PC, gets reformatted and put on a console so that money can be made
without completely making a new game. As you can see, I'm not
suggestion that you leave the genre of FPS. I'm suggesting that you
merge FPS with other successful genres in order to create a genre that
the Halo story line can strive in. The real time simulator genre could
be used by taking the aspect of timing. That timing aspect would
change video games as we know them. Imagine a game that continues to
play, even when you aren't there. The story progresses regardless of
who is online. This online gameplay will promise that a player never
goes without a unique moment. The problem that may arise in your mind
is how Bungie would be able to fill all of this gameplay. Literally
months of straight gameplay. Simple, the story is right in front of
you. A war that lasts years upon years will be able to occupy a highly
efficient crowd of motive seeking players for as long as Bungie needs
to develop the addition to the story. Every day, the server and
employees working a server will assess what needs to be done and
assign tasks to players through computer player medians. Whether they
are business executives assigning tasks, Prophets, or Commanders in
the UNSC, is completely up to you. Think of how amazing your Massive
Multiplayer Online Role Playing First Person Shooter Real Time
Simulated Game (MMORPGFPSRTSG for short...) could be.

David ***************(omfg how long is my name!)

Legal Info:

If you decided to use the idea stated above, it would be free of
charge and this email could be used as my digital signature. The only
thing that I ask is that I be informed of this and be given proper
credit in the credits. I would be willing to sign a document that
states that I will keep any information you give me a secret. Reply to
this email for any further ideas on how the previous would be
accomplished or any information about myself."

end. :) :) :)

oh and it wasnt 4, i checked the time stamp, here it is for any doubting thomas' (omited my email... i hatez spamz)

To: webmaster@bungie.com
Date: Jan 15, 2006 12:46 AM
Subject: Expanding the FPS genre

04-13-2006, 07:43 PM
thank god our resident halo master was here.
lol just messin.

04-13-2006, 07:45 PM
thank god our resident halo master was here.
lol just messin.
i stopped playing that like 7 months ago.... i cant stand those annoying people in matchmaking and no1 ever plays parties except to try cheats and stuff. im trying to kill matchmaking and apperently someone, possibly me, is/am doing a **** good job from bungie's recent news.

04-13-2006, 07:49 PM
i stopped reading when you said halo revolutionized fps games, which i believe to be false.

04-13-2006, 08:01 PM
i stopped reading when you said halo revolutionized fps games, which i believe to be false.
every word i write is just as important as the last, please reread the sentence you were debating before making a judgement... :rolleyes: "The Halo series has revolutionized game play in the first person shooter genre for quite some time." ok so lets look at the words you DIDN'T see... like "game" and "play". every word is as important as the last.... i didnt say it was like "omfg we havent seen an FPS game with guns!" i was simply refering to the $125 million made in the first day by halo 2, the constant lan parties of halo 1, halo 2 leading the online play for 6 months straight, and over 5 million copies of just halo 2 sold... if you really read my statement the way it was intended and you knew these facts and still believe it is false thats up to u, but ill just laugh and make spastic noises... :p its ok marv, its late.

edit: btw im leaving tomorrow for siesta key florida, so i wont be responding for a week... tldr's get hate mail, rob my house while im gone... etc. oh... wait i meant DONT rob my house. ill be back soon probibly not a whole week since we have to drive and stuff.

04-13-2006, 08:04 PM
I don't know about it revolutionizing anything, but I DO know that Halo set the precedent for ALL FPS producers to beat and it is the only reason Xbox was as popular as it was and the only reason people bought XB360 was in anticipation for Halo 3..

04-13-2006, 08:09 PM
only is an overstatment, because i like it because of its heavy online focus... i would live if halo 3 never comes out... currently im excited cuz i think my idea is being used, i just wanna be in some credits... even if it is at the very end where no1 watches...

04-13-2006, 08:13 PM
so number of copies sold is your basis of a revolution? the only reason it is/was so popular is because it was only on xbox, the best and most user friendly system for online gaming. the ease of xbox made it easy to build a large fanbase.

the only thing the game changed was the popularity of the xbox. the end.

04-22-2006, 08:32 PM
no... the basis of my statement was on the fact that it really brought about a RADICAL CHANGE (check dictionary.com...) to the online world of consoles. my word choice is irrelivent though, because the topic wasnt "argue about emails written months ago" i use vocab that i know, and apperently in a correct context so i dont see why there should be an argument over wording... so if ur still in an angry mood after my week vacation in the florida (which has like 1000 times more moisture in the air when its sunny than in ohio when it is pouring.... oy its sooo humid :) ) then here is a "get happy- tldr":

i send letter to game place
game place big on secret
game place no respond
game place release announcement on next game
announcement very similar to what i sended
me happy. :):)

thats all i was trying to say... argue w/e i dont care... because ull be the one arguing with the person who just wrote a tldr like a cartoon rendition of a caveman.

04-22-2006, 09:37 PM
hhmm, sounds like your recomendation was just like WoW...which I hate. With a passion.

04-23-2006, 07:15 AM
hhmm, sounds like your recomendation was just like WoW...which I hate. With a passion.
i hate people talking about it... but yea it is very much like WoW. cept with weapons. and in WoW people do the same quests and stuff, in my suggestion, "quests" or missions or w/e are assigned to a certain number of people by computer players that are run on server ai and are never done again once they have been completed. so really if you get up and leave, you really feel like you are missing things... its like taking WoW's addictive abilities x10. which is why anyone who employed it could make a very good sum of money by charging for server usage. (although xbl is already charge service they probibly COULD do it and charge extra, note how there are two projects, hinting that mmo online may only be accessable via the latter, meaning they could make it explictly an "ONLINE COSTS extra $" game, and still sell regular deathmatch online in the other game. im looking out for some good mmo's and this came up as an idea, which is why i sent it.. im not looking for like uber recognition, i was just hoping that i wouldnt buy an mmo that only 12 people play, i want it to be massive. huxley looks good if ne one cares to check that out. still dont have a good pc so ive only skimmed over those.

04-23-2006, 11:27 AM
Disclaimer: I am NOT bashing Halo

IMO, Halo was overrated. it was fun at first, but everything became too repetitive. everyone made a big deal out of it like it was the biggest thing since 9/11. the same thing goes for multiplayer, its always the same types of people on the same levels with the same weapons (nothing but rocket launchers or banshees...ughh!). and after playing Unreal Tournament 2004, Halo just doesnt cut it any more. when they run on UT, it makes it seem like "running" on Halo is actually walking. its just not fast-paced enough to be a multiplayer frag-fest!

but Forerunner may be a good idea, for the exact reasons claus stated.