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Hippie Magic
04-11-2006, 04:18 PM
So just as the title implies I have an old electra. I have been playing with a 2004 prostock for a while so I haven't really even picked this thing up for more than cleaning in well over a year. I took it out back today and fired a few rounds into the hillside and was actually hitting almost everything dead on which made me want to upgrade this as much as I possibly can. I posted it here because this isn't really an electra only question... anyway... What would you guys recommend? I would like to pretty much overhaul the marker. Internals, electronics, feedneck... the whole 9. Right now I have a J&J ceramic barrel on it which seems to be doing well so that doesn't need changed. What recommendations would you have on the electronics, trigger frame or trigger, internals... everything?


P.S. I have kind of been out of the spyder loop for a while... and NO I do not want a rocking trigger.

Hob Hayward
04-11-2006, 04:45 PM
The t-board is what you want for new electronics, it will also give you the ability to have breakbeam eyes installed if you wish.

As far as other things, it all depends, I'd say pick up an ACS bolt, because they really do work, but if you install eyes, you don't need it, and a higher flowing bolt is preferable if you wish to go low pressure. I'd suggest using HPA/N2 if you don't already, and or get a regulator, if you use co2, get the palmer stabilizer, its the best co2 capable reg on the market, it also works very well with HPA. For a VA, get either the check it assault block, or the trinity reverse block. For a valve get either the madman valve, or you can simply pick up an NDZ HP valve, which also works great too.