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04-10-2006, 07:09 PM
Hi Folks..,

Here is my question, i will try to make it understable....

when people decide to go LP, (for example, little a little), there are many things that you will change for anothers.. (VA, Regulator, Polish internals, bolts, valves, and things like that). When you buy for example, a VA, or a Bolt, its says that you will increase the FPS also increase the flow, or in the case of the valve you will have more flow and stuff..., so my question is.., if i gain like 30 FPS (for example) and before the upgrade, i had 290 (so i have now like 320 FPS), so ti will decrease the back screw to 290 again..,

Exist a relation between the FPS and the Gas Pressure ? i mean, its possible to gain more shoots if i have have less force on the springs and things like that??
thats will mean then more flow, more fps and less use of the gas? so the right question will be.., ¿the FPS are related to the use of the gas due to the flow and springs used?

I hope someone can understand what i am trying to say

Very Thanks in advance.


04-10-2006, 07:42 PM
it's in response to restrictive airway. Block half of your throat and you can still breathe...You can draw breath slowly...but you can still get two lungs-full of air. Clear the obstruction and you can fill the lungs to capacity more quiclky because the volume of air is greater at one time (same general capacity but flow is faster and in shorter bursts).

same principal.

Now...if you open the airway in your marker you should reduce your operating pressure to about 25-50 psi above the recocking-failure's psi. Go to chrono and increase the psi until you are around 270/275 FPS and THEN use the velocity adjuster to micromanage your fps

that simple enough for you? PM me or my aim's on my profile