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04-09-2006, 07:23 PM
I have a halo b and i was wonderidering what the best board there was for it and what other things can i do to make it run better/ smoother, rip drive/cone i dont know what that is so please help thanks

04-09-2006, 08:07 PM
I purchased a used halo b w/rip from a guy, knowing the on/off switched was broken. The loader still turned on by poking the board with a small screwdriver. When he first turned it on, it ran kinda sluggish. I thought well at worst it'll need a motor.
I got home and took it all apart to find that the wiring for the motor had been pinched-- almost all the way through the wiring. I realized that made the motor sluggish, soldered the wiring and shrink tubed it. The eye wires were pinched also, but only slightly(terrible maintenance obviously). Turning the thing on was difficult at first, but I got the hang of it. Turning it off, well, I had to unplug the batteries. No good.
With the stock board, this thing is fast. I turned it on, wound up the rip drive, let the balls free fall into a pod and emptied the hopper in like 4-5sec.

I wasn't about to try and deal with disconnecting the battery every time or put in an "off" switch. So I invested in the Empire B upgrade kit. This board is excellent. It is sound activated, so the eyes can be removed. It has three different speed modes, to save on battery life. 4AA batteries can be used instead of 6AA. http://www.xpaintball.com/emrebupkitwi.html The Victory board is also available, for less dough than the Empire kit. It has multiple speeds, "up to 35BPS". Nothing wrong with good old Z-board.

I would suggest the rip drive if you do not have one though. It blast the extra balls when you need them most. Also allows you to fire about 15 balls under just spring tension. You can manually empty balls from the hopper by turning the drive handle. A delrin drive cone is also a consideration. The stock drive cones are notorious for breaking the little ear that holds the drive cone springs tension.