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03-28-2006, 02:35 PM
allright so about a year ago i purchased a xsf kit spyder board and installed it in my gun. i read that with this board comp. air was highly recomended and since i didnt have it i never realy ripped on the gun after installation. i shot slow and only fast to see the speed of walking the trigger(ungassed). i got out of paintball and the gun was left in my closet. recently i took it out and started clicking the trigger after a couple clicks the gun would click alot like auto. i found out this was due to dead battery. i replaced with a fresh battery and after shooting gas upped the gun would stop shooting but the bolt would still be cocked. i started messing with the settings and now the gun will shoot only if i pull the trigger 1 shot at a time and anything more than about three shots per second it will go nuts clicking like crazy but not shooting. my questions are 1) does anybody know whats wrong? 2) is there a way to erase the settings on the board and start over? 3) did xsf go out of bussiness because they dont have a website anymore? 4) could this be a problem with the solenoid/ capacitator and can and how can these be replaced?

sorry for the long post but i would like to get my gun up and running again and thanks for any help provided. if this post is in the wrong section im sorry and can some one please move it. thanks again


03-28-2006, 05:47 PM
I doubt it. The clicking you hear is the noid working properly and if the capacito were bad the noid wouldn't get a ull jolt of juice. You can check the capacitor by looking at the end of the cylinder and see if it's bulged out (supposed to be flat). I'd say, disconnect the battery for 30 mins and restore the default settings or contace XSV

03-29-2006, 09:33 AM
i installed the board in my bros imagine and switched the setting of the solenoid dwell to 5 ms and gassed it up and now it shoots really good. the true test will be installing it back into my gun nd seeing how it does. ill keep you posted how it goes