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03-27-2006, 03:43 AM
Green Fenix ACS For sale or Trade. Has t-board w/t-chip. FMB delrin trigger-50g switch-Dye Stickies. Thomahawk eye covers. SP Progressive Barrel. $180 OBO. Will take newer Pilot in trade(red to black fade or blue to black) and cash.Or nice carbon wrapped tank 68-3000 or larger recently hydroed or atleast 3-4 yrs.left on hydro. NO PARTING OUT
I can e-mail pic.

03-27-2006, 08:15 AM
got a pic? Ive got a all but brand new red/black pilot acs....about 500 backyard rounds only....i might be interested.....

03-27-2006, 08:18 AM
PM me your e-mail and I'll get you a pic

03-27-2006, 06:44 PM
Send pix to Chevy2DSM@aol.com if your interested in a Pure Energy 68/3k fiber tank hydro is 04/05

So the eyes are installed?

The Trooper
03-27-2006, 07:14 PM
Up for a great guy. I worked on this marker and installed the eyes personally and can verify it is 100% ready to rock. If you have any doubt I would put my pbNation feedback on the line for him.

EDIT: Here is my feedback. You can trust this guy with your life.


03-27-2006, 07:47 PM

03-28-2006, 01:27 AM
Thanks for the up Trooper

03-28-2006, 11:16 AM
Let me see what I can get for my B2K and I might buy it.

03-29-2006, 12:32 PM
VWjimmy is the new owner. Thanks to all who showed interest