View Full Version : choppin' in full auto

03-26-2006, 09:14 AM
I've got a regular pilot with a rev. electric hopper,a 14 in. J&J, and a NDZ no rise feedneck. Gun works great but I chop paint like a fool when im playing around in full auto. I am assuming the delrin ACS bolt would solve most of my problems. I was just curious as to other peoples experiences in full auto with or without the ACS bolt. Aside from that what about the other delrin bolts that are non ACS? What would be the advatange to going with one of those?

Thanks in advance

03-26-2006, 10:20 AM
well.. your revvy probably can't keep up with your gun at full auto ... since the revvy feeds at 10-12 bps .. and your guns set at 13-14 depending if your gun's new or not ... besides that you should clean your gun ... have you done that yet ?? ... might be a good idea as well as polishing ..

ACS's won't work untill you wear them in .. and when you do ... it could work .. but im not sure if this is so great of an investment ...

03-26-2006, 12:51 PM
yep.....lose the hopper for a ZBoarded egg and the ACS bolt to anything else (except shocktech)....get a lightening bolt, blue bolt...something aluminum (blue bolt is delrin though)