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04-23-2012, 04:23 AM
I know it's kinda quiet on SOC nowadays, I know I've been on other boards more because I've been working on my cockers, so I'm really pleased that I can finally post something up on here that isn't a want ad or a sales thread! :p

I just got a Bob Long Millennium body via MCB (shout out to Lnewton!). The parts I wanted to put on it didn't quite work out the way I'd liked so I've just started throwing parts onto it.





The barrel is a SP Freak with a stainless insert and a WWA stubby tip. I'd originally wanted to fit a WWA Veritas barrel to it but it wouldn't screw on? I still don't get why it fits on some spyders but not on others. :confused:

The trigger frame is a Bob Long trigger frame which I got via SEA a few years ago for my Shutter 'sniper rifle' project but I figured it would be better on the body it was designed for so on this body it has gone!

The Vertical Adapter/FRM is from a Raven Nexion, as is the expansion chamber. I'd originally fitted an NW version but I found that it suited my aforementioned Shutter better, it allowed the LPC to clear the barrel shroud, so I dug out this one and put on a stainless steel LPC that I&I Sports sent me in error. (I didn't think I'd ever use it! lol) I'll be removing the expansion chamber in favor of something else at a later date. I'm sure I'll stumble upon something along the way.

On the bottom of the trigger frame is an NW reg adapter block and a Shutter regulator. These were originally for the aforementioned Shutter but I've gone in a slightly different direction with that project which left these in my spares box. I'm glad I didn't sell them or chuck them out. I think they'll stay on this project.


Alrighty then! :) All I need to do now is source another barrel that I think will suit this body, get some internals from somewhere, sort out a regulator/gas through grip/expansion chamber, get some more screws, fit some macroline, and then she'll be ready for naming and re-anodising. ACP isn't in business at the moment so I'm going to wait patiently for him to come back online so I can get a light fatty striker (unless someone has a Dark Horizons Titanium fatty striker that they'd like to sell to me cheap? :D).

I'm thinking of going for an anti-chop bolt even though I don't think I'll be getting this up to high ROF any time, let alone bring this out to play all that often. If not I'll definitely get a delrin bolt to avoid unnecessary wear to the upper tube.

I've ordered a TASO back block from I&I Sports (purely because it's new and cheap) and I've got the spring guides, a Maddman springs kit, and a spare valve pin assembly. There's already a valve in the body so I figure I'll use it. This means the only part I'm really missing is the striker buffer. I have no idea where to get one of the fatty versions from. Oh well. I'm always keeping an eye half open for parts, that's how I stumbled upon this body, so I'm sure one will come up on my rader at some point.

This project... well... it's going to be a 'relaxed' project. I was going to say 'Long Term' but all of my projects have taken years so far and none of them are finished! :p I'm not even going to try to set a timeframe on it or actively "hunt down" parts. I'll just build it as I go along. If I'm honest about it, I don't think it'll see much game time once it's completed. It's just that I've always wanted a fully built, working, Bob Long Millennium. Now I know that that day is more likely to happen now that I've started building one!

04-23-2012, 06:04 PM
thats pretty sweet. It's nice to see someone do an old school type project