View Full Version : WTB Spyder Flash and Spyder AMG parts.

09-22-2011, 05:50 PM
Hello. I used to frequent these forums and have not actually played paintball in going on 7 years. What I do have are guns and equipment I'd like to get working again, then I can turn around and sell them so someone else can enjoy them. Even if I take a loss in the process. Here is what I need:

1. I need basically all internals for 2 Spyder Flashes, 2 e-trigger frames with batteries and chargers, and 1 gas thru grip. Nothing fancy needed, just basic internals, e-bolt, etc). I need ball detents for both.

2. 1 Regulator and metal hoses (all below gas thru grip) with mounting hardware for Spyder AMG. 2 spyder Chargers and batteries here also. (The AMG's will not be sold later, swore I'd never get rid of my babies and may want to use it one day lol). Plus 1 Spyder AMG LCD ball detent.

I'll be away until Oct 2nd or 3rd. I will check back in then unless I get a chance beforehand. Will bookmark this page. Lot's preferred over individual items. Later I'll need someone trustworthy with good feedback to overhaul my Raven Primal and Cobra Mamba IR3. I do not have any feedback on this site as all my feedback was on the oooold spyder forums lol. Thanks in Advance!

Edit: Also need some work done on my old Angel AIR later on as well. If I remember right, the Angel Air reg had a leak. The Mamba IR3 had a small leak above the reg, and the Raven I believe may have gotten wet and trigger frame prob needs replaced.