View Full Version : EMarker not firing

08-01-2011, 04:09 PM
I have a chrome eMarker grip that is not firing. It will activate the coil set but not when it is attached to the marker and cocked. I was told by the tech at spyder that it is most likely the capacitor. I want to know if there are any good solutions to this problem aside from unsoldering the capacitor and installing a new one. This grip is very much like the one found on the e99 but instead of the dip switches it has a button that lights up 3 different colored lights to indicate the 3 firing modes. It is to be used on my 03 blue xtra. I'm also up for buying a good replacement board if there is one available. (new or used)

Thanks in advance for you help.

08-01-2011, 07:00 PM
there is no really good solution other than replacing it, if you try to shim it with coins you will have miss fires and it will eventually not work at all. you could always just buy a new or used grip frame to replace it

08-01-2011, 07:57 PM
Ok. I think I will attempt to solder on a new capacitor then. I can tell by closer examining the capacitor that it has expanded meaning its fried. Thanks for your reply and i will post back with how it goes.

08-02-2011, 07:28 AM
Well, I swapped out my capacitor with a new one. Soldered it all up and it seems to now have enough juice to trigger the marker. I still need to air up and test it out.