View Full Version : Virtued Ego, and Sexy pro owned dynasty shocker FST

06-24-2011, 07:56 AM
First ground rules:
I will not ship first I have more than enough feedback listed in my sig and mods willing to vouch for my integrity.

My markers leave in working order, if it gets to you and you say it's broke I assume you broke it

You pay I ship...

Dont act like a tard...

Ok today have a virtued 05 ego with virtue board, dye hyper 2, and ul barrel $275 obo

Next have a dynasty shocker used by team dynasty for a season by Brian Cole has cp trigger, hybrid bolt guide, he bolt kit, no pro feedneck freak with .691 insert and shokteck rail and Asa $325 obo now onto pictures...


Open for trades especially nice 2 4 1's for the shocker trades would have to definitely be in my favor and I prefer BL markers but will look at anything.