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06-17-2011, 09:21 AM
A few questions about it.
1. It says "Frame", does that mean it is just the shell or does it have a board?
2. Is it adjustable? Can I make the pull lighter or heavier?
3. Once I have the e-trigger frame can I switch out the trigger for a blade or scythe style trigger?


06-17-2011, 11:02 AM
1. There isn't a definite answer to this, it could have all the internals, most do, or it may not have all the internals. Asking the seller is probably your best bet.

2. Yes and no. Stock, the trigger is typically not adjustable but you can buy aftermarket triggers that are adjustable, or modify the stock trigger to make it adjustable.

3. Yes, you should be able to find blade and/or scythe style triggers.

06-18-2011, 02:49 PM
okay, link time.

so if all that is true, can i put http://www.ansgear.com/Tadao_Spyder_VS_Marker_Board_p/tadaospydervsboard.htm (this) that board in the frame and upgrade it with
http://www.ansgear.com/Tadao_Spyder_VS_Chip_Upgrade_p/tadaospydervsupgradechip.htm (this) this chip, and replace the trigger with
http://www.zephyrpaintball.com/product/PB-CP-SPYSLINGDBLK/Custom-Products-CP-Spyder-Sling-Trigger---Dust-Black.html?meta=GBASE&metacpg=PB-CP-SPYSLINGDBLK&utm_source=gbase&utm_medium=CPC&utm_content=&utm_campaign=PB-CP-SPYSLINGDBLK (this?) that sling trigger?

06-18-2011, 07:08 PM
Yes, you should be able to use all of those together in a Spyder E-Trigger Frame.