View Full Version : FS Multiple **BRAND NEW** Barrels and Bolts **Old School**

03-21-2011, 01:09 PM
All brand new with retail price stickers still on them.

Bunch of different barrels for different type of guns (Angels,Cockers,Mags)

Multiple bolts of Different Companies (JJ, Dye, Angel, PMI) 12-14"

Would like to sell multiples together or as a lot.

Make an offer

Hey guys, I'm listing these because a friend gave them to me. I don't know the exact models or which guns these bolts fit to.

Would be a great pick up for starting an old-school project or trying to continue one.

Will take offers via PM's


14 Barrels

(2)14” JJ Ceramic Mag

14” PMI Perfect Bore Ceramik Series Mag

14” ?

14” DYE Stainless Steel AGD Automag MiniMag

(2) 12” ?

(3)14” PHAT PV14 Barrel - Autococker – Black

12” ?

12” Two piece Smart parts

14” Stainless/Ceramic .690 aci zero gravity barrel

12” Lapco Auto Spirit Barrel - [WDP Angel] – Stainless


More detailed pictures on request.

04-10-2011, 11:27 AM
Pics of the J&J barrels closer please. What is the threading on those?