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12-03-2010, 10:33 AM
We play once a month during spring and fall, sometimes more. This is on my buddies farm. We do mainly scenarios. Lots of fun! He has many acres that varies from Pines, woods, brush, grassland.

Here are a couple videos for your enjoyment. I picked up a mini cam for myself the last game we were on. It gave me ideas on how to perfect my camera mount for next year.

Warning you may here swear words if you don't like that type of thing.

I think I'm going to mount it on my gun next time or side mount it to my mask.
It was very cold out so my gun broke balls like a champ and I ran out of co2.
YouTube - US Army vs Hajji terrorist MilSIM game

Friends videos(many more on his youtube page):
YouTube - Paintball Ruland Farm
YouTube - paintball nov13 002
YouTube - paintball nov13 003
YouTube - Paintball Ruland Farm Nov13
YouTube - Ruland paintball nov13 2nd part
YouTube - Ruland paintball nov13 part 3

Enjoy! I can't wait for next year!