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08-30-2010, 09:27 PM
* Paypal and MO only!
* Mature buyers
* I receive money, I ship. Simple as that.
* Prices are firm and fair, but I'll take reasonable offers.
* I ship everywhere. As long as you pay for shipping if international.
* If you wish to trade, I will not ship first. I have enough feedback for you to trust me.
*I ship Monday - Wednesday and Friday, unless otherwise noted due to school and work schedule.


Spyder Aggressor
-Low Pressure setup ~400psi
-Ion Regulator (Can include Dye Hyper2 for $30 more)
-Raven Nexion E-Frame with LCD Board (Button sticks but works)
-Delrin Bolt
-Delrin Striker

Price: $70 Shipped OBO
(Parting price will be higher.)


Raven Nexion
-Not complete.
-Used for Spare parts.
-Does not have electronic board.
-Barrel and Regulator not included. Will have stock parts.

Price: $40 Shipped OBO
(Parting price will be higher.)