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07-31-2010, 08:34 PM
hi i have a spyder raven nexion and when i have my co2 bottle screwed in to the gun like this http://www.myspace.com/danny.pack/photos/34366230?actp=n%2b0prKAebczfG13CmB/L170xxzjSK8k/19igSi/1c3uQLTXTYANJMky0qJd%2b9I2kUqagZAe%2bSyC/kxgtIBW%2bDS2xnNqAra7fXryULLmjLjJzkL9JB%2b4/h4Ljzej5Q7niq4mAYU0qbDXPxoynyEBZCXdoG1oYZ3lZL1n2/Yh0V4K0ojPN19bw8iUE/u/pmCwtJYT3o60z8i5JOYPHdSlMJR4ANWrf/XFDQB%2bf9y2nLlSOxhtXDNpkTlJ3NP0466ar it does not leak but when i have this attached http://www.myspace.com/danny.pack/photos/34366239?actp=n%2b0prKAebczfG13CmB/L170xxzjSK8k/19igSi/1c3uQLTXTYANJMky0qJd%2b9I2kUqagZAe%2bSyC/kxgtIBW%2bDS2xnNqAra7fXryULLmjLjIovbkLAC94b%2b6pK4/0DSqfAMigQ9sBP2EUe%2bTLFy5kuhQvglUhlSogv6emz4Vgogn Tqhl87hGYAaXyxrU2IzG8xSRtCtBSw0VZk3yT6F9oCvOEpWmAO wLCvqPL/A6LwNuNSI0Sc3dDVh6Ix0mVACRA it leaks and it doesnt shoot paintball more than a few feet in front of me i really hate having the co2 tank screwed strait into the gun and i have no clue what to do i have searched everything and i cant find anything

08-01-2010, 06:07 AM
Myspace photos don't work, please host them on a site like Photobucket, then post the pictures.