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06-03-2010, 09:12 PM
I recently began playing woodsball using rental markers and masks. I decided to buy a cheap marker and mask, since it'd save on the rental fee and I can have something that runs better than a marker that's been handled thousands of times.

I found what I think is a great deal on an Imagine LED that was used once or twice, and the guy included a nice mask, VL 200 hopper, squeegee, lube, o-rings, barrel plug, and a 32 Degrees 14" Night Stick barrel. I am not sure of the year, I think it's an 05. It's all black, except for the stock aluminum barrel, and the grip is more rubbery than plastic, with an LED instead of bright lights, tabs for the feed neck, fires semi/3/6/full auto, no scope rail.

Since it's already got an "upgraded" barrel, I intend to stick with it. It came with an empty 20oz CO2 tank, but I intend to get a 48/3000 HPA tank, since I have access to SCUBA tanks.

I think an Alamo City Paintball bolt would be a nice upgrade as well. Ebay's got quite a few ACS bolts for sale, but I'm not sure which one would work with my marker. Help would be appreciated.

I was also researching the possibility of a higher flowing valve and a spring kit, not sure since I have limited experience with paintball and markers.

Suggestions are appreciated.

06-16-2010, 07:08 PM
Nice snag, I like my love my Imagine even though people make fun of me for bringing a spyder out, it's gratifying to eliminate the smack talkers with the very "piece of crap" they made fun of at the beginning of the day.

I'd say find a decent 20 dollar reg and an aftermarker trigger for your first mods. I really did not like the stock Imagine trigger shape, so I for a warrior Paintball trigger for mine for 5 bucks plus shipping a long time ago off E-bay.

A High flow valve MAY not be needed. I have a stock valve in mine, but a stiffer drive spring in mine, and it runs no problem at ~500psi on the reg (low enough for me)

I'd also look into getting an aftermarker bolt. I did not like the Kingmann ACS bolt for my Imagine, but I found a ST Supafly bolt on E-bay for 8 bucks shipped. I love the Supa Fly bolt, It makes the marker more accurate, and I have only broken paint in my barrel, so ACT isn't needed IMO.

I would also upgrade your hopper. I would recommend a 12V VL revvy with X-board. I have one and I LOVE it.. It can keep up with my 03 Imagine at full auto, and you can find them cheap online.

06-16-2010, 07:10 PM
Just thought I'd ad, try to bargain shop for upgrades for these things. You can mod a spyder to be a pretty spendy piece, in which case, just buy another marker. Try to keep your total investment under 150 bucks, because even modded you will nevere get more than 100 back from it.

09-14-2010, 04:27 AM
t board, eyes, reg, polish the internals, spring kit