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05-01-2010, 09:42 PM
For Sale / Trade

I MUST sell this. Found a water leak today & will have to take out 2 walls & alot of my floor.

EDIT: Will only part with the 2 extra frames, body & chrome front block.
EDIT x2: $300 price
EDIT x3: Must sell to pay for house repairs & added another KAPP cradle.
EDIT x4: Parts update. WAS 2.6, LCD & bolt.
EDIT x5: Traded the chrome/black front block.

I ship USPS.
PayPal or Postal Money Order.
Post or PM
AIM stays on all the time & will get the messages.
Don't like the price, OFFER.
Shipping NOT included but will be less than $20.00.


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Any questions, just ask.

Due to how much I have in this I am looking for trades. I will look at stuff outside of paintball, only if it can be used.
~Tracking & Insurance is on me as always~


Parts list:

14" DYE stainless barrel - Was going to cut the back half off & make the front into a stainless tip.
DYE UL back .688" - Was going to bore it out for freak inserts.
DYE stainless back (UL threading) .688" Brand new in package.
DYE UL tip - Makes a 14" barrel.
Grips - 1 set of ribbed CLEAR with membrane pad. A few scratches but still very usable. No "Timmy" sticker on the right grip.
1 set of smooth BLACK with membrane pad. "Timmy" sticker is on the right grip. Very good condition.
1 right side grip. No sticker & also very good condition.
Kila detents
Ribbed Aluminum Eye covers
Black front block - HPR has been swapped over to a volly. LPR is complete. I know it worked back in the summer cause I did some kind of test with it. The mounting threads are good. Gauge port threading is good. A few scratches but nothing bad.
Air America Violator HPR - Traded for this from a very well trusted person. He rebuilt it & tested it & did not use it.
NEW stainless Foster quick disconnects
8 new Air America regulator seats
Chrome KAPP Drop Zone 3 Cradle & On/Off ASA - Its shinny & has a pipe plug installed.
Air America Raptor Rex - Tank regulator, no gauge, fill nipple or output fitting. Does have high & low burst disks.
WAS 2.6 & LCD - It works. Pulled from my wife's Texas storm.
Empire poppet - Seal great with this sleeve.
Classic body w/ CCM feedneck - Very good condition. Feedneck is not glued in.
2002 Bolt - Stock. Has some black wear but still has many shots left to it.
Ram Sleeve - Silver 2002 has been used recently in my wife's Texas Storm. I had to fix the oring lands & smooth out some rough areas from the previous dumbass owner.
NEW Blast adjustable ram cap
Decoration Block - Good condition & does it's job.
Black Frame - Good condition. Threading is in good shape. A few little scratches. It has a flat trigger installed. Good 14 point harness is installed.
Bag-O-Harness - With whats on the gun & in the bag, there should be enough for 3 or so complete 2002 guns.
88ci / 4500psi - Long style tank. 5 year tank. Born on date: September 2000 ; Re-hydro date: April 2007 ; Re-hydro due: April 2012 ; Out of Service Date: September 2015
88ci Rase Cover - Used, overall good condition. Has some paint on it. I can wash it if the buyer wants.
2 Classic Frames - Both are in good shape.
Classic body - Feedneck is JB Welded in. I have talked with Jason at BLAST about it. The plan was to send it to him after mock up. He would remove the current neck & prep the body for a new BLAST clamping neck. Send the raw neck & adapter back to me. I would then send it off for ano & upon return, the body & neck pieces would be sent to Jason for reassembly. Also, the front frame screw has been heli-coiled. Its not the best but it does work. I planned to remove it & put new coils in both frame mount holes. There is some scratches, see the pictures.
~TRADED~ Chrome Front Block - Besides being chrome, its just like the black one. ~TRADED~

NEW NecroRam & spring - Not pictured
Blue KAPP Drop Zone 3 cradle - Not pictured. Taken off my Alias.
Stock Aluminum bolt - Yes, the older all metal bolt!! Its in better condition than the 2002 bolt.


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05-27-2010, 01:24 PM

I MUST sell this. Found a water leak today & will have to take out 2 walls & alot of my floor.

06-13-2010, 08:57 AM
All this? $300? PM'ing.

06-14-2010, 05:53 AM
PM'd you back....

I need to update this.