View Full Version : Help Me Customize Cheap Mag. Please

04-14-2010, 04:49 AM
I got an MR-1 turning it into an mr4 style rifle. I need a sturdy but cheap mag to customize onto the rifle. Links and directions would be insanely helpful.
I gotta lot of logic so just tell me how and I'll figure it out.

I read a bit about expansion chambers and for woods ball/scenario playing it seems like it wouldn't be any help to my gun. They're overpriced and i was gonna try the Rap4 M4 spyder expansion chamber mag.

Others say regulators or other adapters are great. Please if you suggest any different way to setup my air system on this gun i would put it into consideration.

Im looking to budget atmost of $50. Trying for $20 though to setup this mag.

If you think it would be better to setup a regulator, expansion chamber, or others please, please give me a quick overview and directions. Keep it brief, i can put together a puzzle. :)

I really appreciate the help. Thanks!

05-17-2010, 01:45 PM
I just ordered a AR-15 mag from cheaperthandirt.com...some other guy has already done this but i dont know exactly where to find it...all i'm gonna do is cut the original "mag/grip" in half and then slide the AR-15 mag over top and bolt it to the "mag/grip"...and then i'll drill a hole for the air hose in the back of the mag. you're going to have to destroy the mag to get the "guts" out (the coil for the actual bullets) but the mag was only $5.94 the shipping was more than the mag itself at $12.95...you may also need to grind the original "mag/grip" to fit the mag over top...as for the expansion chamber i would suggest just getting a remote line...all of that and you should still be under $50.00