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Lord Nelson
03-30-2010, 09:54 PM
Who's going and what side/division are you joining? I joined the Army Rangers 1st Battalion. Here's the website for it.

03-31-2010, 07:45 AM
I'll be coming from SW Fla and I'm signed up to work
in the Allied TOC or Tactical Operations Center.

"OK D-Day Fever"
By: Daniel Mareno Jones

OK D-Day Fever- The fever that usually comes around about 3
months or sooner before the D-Day event. Sometimes annoying
to self and others. Your mind is D-Day, but can only be satisfied
by being there. Symptoms: Packing 2 months or so in advance.
Buying new paintball gear. Finding every excuse to get time off
work to go. And a few others. Note: Fever usually caught after
first year at event.

Fever not really curable.


Each year in June, at least for the past 13 years, an event takes
place in the small northeastern Oklahoma town of Wyandotte. The
event, which is called 'The Annual Oklahoma D-Day Event,' is held
to help honor and preserve the memory of all those who fought
during WW II, specifically those who took part in the invasion of
Normandy during the evening of June 5th and on the morning of
June 6th,1944.

One of the new aspects of this yearly event this year is a competition
to see who can produce and submit the best event background video.

Winners will receive a variety of valuable prizes as well as satisfaction
of knowing that their video has been selected to help promote the
event. The clip I've attached today (see below) is just one of the
entries in this competition.

Preparations for D-Day go on year round, but they really begin at
the site on or around June 7th and the final day long battle for the
beaches kicks off at 0900 hours on Saturday, June 12th. Starting
on the 7th and throughout the week leading up to the battle over
3,000 participants from around the world will arrive on site to get
familiar with the field, as well as spend time training and working
together as teams. They'll be divided up into groups which represent
all the many combat units, from both sides, which took part in the
actual invasion.

When they're not busy training participants are free to visit a number
of newly built, air conditioned stores which have recently been erected
on the site, including a D-Day era cafe decorated with historic
photos, uniforms and memorabilia. For the third year in a row
everyone will also get to meet and listen to a WW II veteran of
the actual invasion, Mr. Jake McNiece, a life long Oklahoma
resident and veteran of the 101st Airborne Division.

On that Wednesday evening those on the site will have an opportunity
to take part in yet another new event aspect, a USO style amateur
hour talent show and canteen dance. Music of the 40s will play as a
number of participants dressed in period uniforms take part.

Residents from the surrounding area are also cordially invited to stop by
and observe the preparations for this epic battle, including the annual
parade of the units which takes place that Friday afternoon, as well as
visit the D-Day Cafe, or take rides around the field as the battle unfolds
that Saturday.

Video competition entry -


For more information about the D-Day event please contact either one
of the event officials in Wyandotte, at 918.666.3411, or call my office
here in Florida at 407/563-3884.


Andrew Van Der Plaats
Allied Command PAO
Office: 407/563-3884
Cell: 239/410-9632
E-mail: ADorsai@aol.com

Lord Nelson
03-31-2010, 08:12 AM
haha! i've already packed for it and annoyed everyone already!

03-31-2010, 10:06 AM
Hi, this is Andy Van Der Plaats, or as some folks may also
know me "Dorsai," writing today on behalf of the 'Allied
Command,' the world's largest paintball team. Yes, I said
the world's largest team because the past two years we've
fielded at least 1,700 players The Annual Oklahoma D-Day Event.

My reason for writing you today is to issue an appeal to
join us this year for The Annual Oklahoma D-Day Event. If
you accept and I hope you will, you'll have an opportunity
to meet and play along side some of the very best players
not just from here in the US, but from around the world.

D-Day, as you may already know is a one day event, but it's
also fair to say that it's a week long event as well, because
there's also a whole series of daily mini scenarios and a night
exercise, not to mention nightly speedball. A week is also how
long we have to organize and train everyone who takes part,
so they'll be ready. While it's not mandatory that you come
a week early, we do encourage players to come early so they
can learn the field, as well as how we're proposing to secure
the necessary number of points for our side to win.

Here are three clips which show just one of handful of key
locations, all of which are being fought for simultaneously over
the course of the day. As soon as this objective is secure and
the points are awarded, action for these players shifts without
pause to another objective and so on. Adding to the challenge
faced by hundreds of players are issues like the terrain and of
course insuring that everyone stays properly hydrated.

Utah Beach Assault -

Pt#1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4VLWUFA6BwM

Pt#2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkXb2grFFh4

Pt#3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_1Tw7ZHh58

Next is a link to a monthly newsletter we've created to help
keep everyone up to date on the progress being made on
getting the site and teams ready for June.


Player registration for the ENTIRE week is just $70.00 and
that includes all your HPA or CO2. Paint is being supplied
by PMI (Kee Sports) and access to the camp grounds,
including use of the showers, is just $5.00 for your entire

Well that's about it except to say thanks for taking the time
to review my invitation. If you've got questions or want to
know which unit might be best suited to your style of play,
feel free to write, or give me a call. I'm available most any
time between 6 AM and 8 PM (eastern time).


Brigadier General Andy Van Der Plaats
J-1, Office of the CofS, SHAEF
"in bello, parvis momentis magni casus intercedunt"
Office: 407.563.3884
Cell: 239.410.9632
Email: ADorsai@aol.com