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11-07-2009, 06:00 PM
have a bunch of paintball gear that I am needing to get rid of. I used to play Div. 3 ball with the SWPL so this gear is well taken care of and good quality. Sorry about the poor picture quality, butmy camera is a lil iffy.

Items up for sale items are:

Smart Parts Ion: SOLD

Spyder VS2: Smart Parts 14" progressive barrel, Lucky Spitfire board w/ laser eyes (red), all internals polished and new o-rings.
Very fast marker. The board has more modes than u will know what to do with and the barrell is accurate as hell. Was my backup marker and never let me down when i used it. Will come with all stock parts. I am asking 200 with all upgrades, or 80 completely stock.


Spyder Pilot: 2 piece Spyder barrel 12", Stock VS2 board w/ eyes, clamping feedneck, 32* V/A and LPC, CP regulator long w/ gauge, NDz HP valve and stem, blade trigger.
This is my custom creation. The frame has been cut to fit the board and eyes, but on the outside it almost looks like a completly stock Pilot. Nice marker, fun to use. I also have a rocking trigger frame i can put on in place of the custom frame, but it doesnt shoot as fast with the rocker. Will come with all stock parts. I am asking 150 with all upgrades, 80 with all upgrades w/ rocking trigger, or 50 completely stock.


Viewloader Orion: Completely stock Wal-Mart gun. Nice starter marker. Asking 20 bucks


Brass Eagle Raptor: One of the oldest markers you will ever find. i think its circa 1995 or 96. Totally rebuilt, new orings and everything. Nice collector piece. Asking 60 bucks


Brass Eagle Talon: Cheap plastic pump gun. Good for backyard play. Low fps. asking 10 bucks


Luxfer 68/3000 tank w/ Crossfire reg: Nice tank, hpa only. Fiber tank, real light. Needs hydro. asking 60 bucks


Veiwloader Egg2: brand new board, shell is a lil dinged up but still holds up just fine. Short neck on it. Asking 20 bucks

Halo Backman LED: SOLD

VL Quantum: Cheap loader. Its notbad for use on a mech. marker just to help with mis feeds, thats about it. Fed my stock Pilot decent, nothing to brag about. Asking 10 Bucks

Gravity Fed Hoppers: Run-of-the mills hoppers. Offer


I also have 3 JT masks, one has a thermal lens in it the others dont. The thermal lens is mirror chrome finnish, nice look. Asking 30 for thermal, 10 ea on the rest.


I also have some other random gear, head bands, gloves, a Smart Parts jersey (xl), Raven pants (s), elbow pads (m). Ill take 60 for everything, or offer up.


I will take 600 for everything listed. All prices are negotiable and do not include shipping, but I'mopen to offers. Ill accept paypal, cash, money order or cashiers check. No personal checks unless you have refrences. Thanks in adavance, Josh

11-10-2009, 12:43 PM
C'Mon guys, offer up on anything

11-17-2009, 11:57 AM

12-23-2009, 08:43 AM
Ion sold, any other takers??

07-04-2010, 03:57 PM
can i buy a rocking trigger off you