View Full Version : Spyder Jersey, Autococker, Ion, Dye Pack, Headbands, Stickers, And More F/s/t!!!!!!!!

10-05-2009, 08:41 PM
1. Please post here first before messaging me, it helps me keep track of all my offers.
2. I will not ship first!
3. If you are offering a trade saying "I add", "+ gear", or "+ $", specify what it is you are adding
4. If you are purchasing something from me, the item will be sent after I receive the money.
5. If you post, be ready to finalize the deal that day, and ship within 3 business days.
6. Once the item leaves my hands, I take no responsibility whatsoever. You pay for your insurance and any other buyer protection you would like. If you complain the item is faulty (I.e. gun leaking, not turning on, etc.) or anything like that when you receive it, I assume you broke the item yourself. I inspect everything before it leaves my hands to ensure that itís in 100% working condition, unless otherwise noted.
7. I will not reserve anything without a non-refundable down deposit.
8. I accept money orders but paypal is preferred. You pay paypal fees. http://www.ppcalc.com
9. I Ship USPS Priority with in 3 days after i receive payment, depending on the item, if you want another method, tracking, and/or insurance, it's going to be at your expense. And you pay for shipping!
10. I answer questions completely and quickly. While others may leave you hanging when you ask something, overlook thread replies, or even forget to answer your inquiries, that won't happen with me.
11. No flaming and lowballs will be ignored, I know what my stuff is worth.
12. By posting here and if you post something stupid like "ill trade u my phone" or something that i dont want, you give permission for me to call u a n00b =]
13. I will automatically ship to the paypal address unless told otherwise
14. Reread rules
15. Now make an offer =]

WGP Trilogy Auto-Cocker Pro- $100 PRICE DROP

stock barrel included needs asa and needs to me timed


Black heart Board,stock barrel included, cp rake trigger, ccm feedneck, smart parts dropfoward and on/off asa, needs new guage


Red Dye attack pack- $20 PRICE DROP
straps need to be sown there falling apart

Empire 09 Liquid Hinge Pack 4+7 Acid- $40 SOLD!!
game worn, it been through alot but is still in working condition

NXE dynasty pack 4+5 LNIB - $65
owned by Johnny Perchak from dynasty!!


Blue Skulls headband- $10
Chinese dragon headband- $10


Old School Spyder jersey olive- $20PRICE DROP


AGGG black longsleeve 5XL Tall LNIB- $20
2 avalible

from left to right

SP All American red/black 18in. barrel AC thread- $20 SOLD
Eclipse shaft 2 peice red.- $35 SOLD
Longbow barrel ion thread 14 in.- $20
Dye boomstick AC thread 16 in.- $30 SOLD!!


gearbag very good condition- $45 SHIPPED!!!


14. Full pod of Re-Balls no pod- $20PRICE DROP
15. Reds Tank cover 48ci- $10
16. Grip Tape- $3 each

10-05-2009, 08:42 PM
23. SPD Ego Grips w/screws RED pre-07 ego- $15 SOLD
27. 06 EGO board- $35 SOLD
31. MYTH REG with new pro burst disc- $25 SOLD
33. 06 ego Bolt- $7
34. 06 ego rammer and spring- $10
35. 1/4 used honey slick/pmi gun oil- $15
36. CP Burst Discs- $3 each

all stickers will be shipped 1st class

old style pbn- $2 (cant buy thru pbn anymore)
new style pbn- $1
PBshowcase- 2 for $1
dye, virtue, tx graphix.com- $2
Zombie- $2 6 left for sale!!
small hk- $1
med hk- $2
rare colors hk skulls- $3

offer upp!!!

min order is $5


10-06-2009, 08:46 AM
what size is the jersey

10-10-2009, 12:28 PM
what size is the jersey

xxl pmed