View Full Version : How to fix your VS2

07-26-2009, 11:44 PM
Ok when i first got this gun from actionvillage.com it worked without a hitch no probs. after awhile it started leaking a wasnt cocking back the same ol' same ol'. Anyways it turns out Spyder doesnt always oil their guns fully all the time. anywhoozle what you need to do if your having problems is go to the store, buy some spyder gun lube at academy or wherever, take it completly apart and OIL THE CUP SEAL! my cup seal would not move for jack squat until i OILED IT. most ppl are buying upgrades and new parts...dont, just take it apart clean it oil it and take care of it like its a baby. the first thing you should do wen buying a brand new spyder gun or ego or dye matrix or even a brass eagle is take it apart, learn how to fix everything and how everything goes so you dont have to have a manual at ur side all the time and again...OIL THE CUP SEAL! it doesnt matter wat gun if its a $1000 marker or a walmart backup gun OIL THE CUP SEAL! hope ya learned sumthin kid. kthxbye. :D