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06-21-2009, 03:05 PM
not for sale anymore

close thread

up for sale is a hybrid cocker with e-blade.

I took it apart this morning and inspected. no leaks. it will need to be timed correctly, I dont have a chrono, but should be a few clicks on the ivg. it will come with an e1 board (I was using it with a T-board).

whats included -

Hybrid Cocker
ANS barrel
AIM shock reg
original feedneck
hybrid reg (bought it, stripped the color... wasn't holding the pressure, took it apart and lubed it, haven't checked it if worked but will be included for free)

***ATTENTION: this gun is not for beginners.... if you dont know much about cocker or how to time and tune them i suggest a different gun.***




theres some type of "C" under the anno... but it never bothered me and doesnt effect performance


Price: $300 obo