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06-19-2009, 09:04 AM
I recently sold my Spyder MR1 for $75, only to turn around and buy a refurbished MR2 for $110. Its in great condition, I did double check all the o-rings, springs, and the bolt, hammer and the valve. The only thing that bugs me is that when I turn on the refurbed one the led-light starts off red and then changes to green when turned on to the semi setting. The other one I have does not do this. I did look at the circuit boards and they both look different, I think the refurbed one probably has a newer style circuit board. Now before you all start running down possibilities, I have checked the battery, it is fully charged, I have swapped batteries around, and even tried a fresh, regular 9v (even though its not recommended) and there is no change. I'm starting to think that this is just the normal start display, but I just want someone to confirm this.
Secondly, I have the Trinity folding stocks and I need to now how to control the velocity now that the marker doesn't have a RVA now?

06-19-2009, 09:40 AM

look there for the mr2 manual. it should explain the lights

you need to buy a spring kit to change velocity.

06-19-2009, 10:02 AM
hey, thanks man! I checked that online manual and I didn't see anything about the light thing, but thats not to say its not there just I didn't see it. But I did go ahead and called the tech support at Kingman and they verified that its alright. The newer boards do this. Should have thought to call them first.
Has for the spring kit, I thought I might have to do this, but I don't know what brand I should look into. Any suggestions?

06-19-2009, 10:20 AM
any kit with 5 or 6 main springs (32 degrees or trinity).

my sister's Pilot board does something similar: when you turn the gun on, its on safe and you have to press the button to take the safety off.

06-19-2009, 12:49 PM
I tried a RS like that the other day. Pissed me off to no end trying to figure out how to dry-fire it. :crash:

All the spring kits are about the same, so just pick one with a decent selection of springs.

06-19-2009, 01:59 PM
Allright, thanks for the help guys. Now I need to go look for some spring kits.

06-19-2009, 05:03 PM
I tried a RS like that the other day. Pissed me off to no end trying to figure out how to dry-fire it. :crash:

... you turn the eyes off. there are 2 buttons, one will turn the gun off and the other will switch eyes on/off.

slim and shady
06-21-2009, 05:39 AM
If you have the ACS version green is for semi, orange/yellow for burst, red for full auto. No problems there at all.

Before I explain the eye version, I would ask if you have this version. Judging by the amount you paid I would say probably not.

06-23-2009, 08:03 PM
i was wondering that too the other day, i just didn't post up