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06-02-2009, 10:39 AM
Been super busy and forgot, so here we go.


Starting Today, June 2nd, you can start sending me pictures of your respective guns for this month's of the month contests.

Anyone can enter, either in the Spyder of the Month (spyders and blowback clones) or the Non Spyder of the month (every other gun). If your gun has won in the past its not eligible unless it has went through drastic changes, ex: spyder that is now a spimmy, gun was annoed, went from stock to fully uped, etc.


I will post when we are no longer accepting entries.

Once the contest begins it will run for five (5) days. If a tie or a final round is needed that will run for three (3) days.

HERE ARE THE RULES!!! If you don't follow them your gun will NOT be entered. I am not going to notify you if it is not going in, we don't need to spoon feed you guys and gals. SO read the rules!


#1 - KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid! Have fun, but let's keep the popularity contest at a minimum...vote for the gun/mask/hopper you think looks the best, or has the most work done to it, not based on who the owner is....b/c lets face it, then I would just win all the time:dodgy: .

#2 - Send me a picture of your gun, mask or hopper, sized to 800 pixels on the longest side. If it's not that size, it won't go in the poll, I don't have time to resize your pics.

#3 You must send full specs with the picture. If its stock says its stock, if its uped list the ups. Don't lie about ups, I know almost every single part in pb I will catch you:D

It must be in the this format or it will not be entered:

Subject of PM needs to be SOTM (for Spyder of the month) or NOTM (for Non-spyder of the month)If you are entering more than one contest please send SEPERATE pms, it makes it easier to pull into poll ex: SOTM and NOTM

Pm should be in this format:

Subject: SOTM or NOTM

Marker Type:
Specs in this format: spec, spec, spec, etc......don't skip lines between specs!


Subject: NOTM

Bob Long Closer

Tadao OLED Board, 2 liter reg, SPD Grips

www. where ever its hosted.com / aaaa.jpg[\ IMG]

#4 - The gun you present MUST be yours. The gun must be in your possession, not for sale or one that is sold, so you can not enter a gun you sold last week!

#5 There will be seperate polls for SOTM and NOTM

#6 -[I] NO PHOTOSHOPED OR EDITED PICTURES!!!! If you don't like the background take a new picture. Anything found to be Photoshopped or edited will not be entered and if it is found to be edited after the contest starts it will be DQ'd. This includes borders on the pictures. This is not a photoshop contest!

#7 - Once you win, you won't be allowed to enter that gun again until the "of the Year" contest.

#8 - Discussion of the gun/mask/hopper will be allowed in the poll thread, but do NOT discuss who's gun it is. Let's let the people decide on their own which gun they want to pick.

Read the rules again before submitting!

Have fun and good luck!