View Full Version : salee for younger minds, or kids you kno like this stuff

05-27-2009, 10:58 AM
basically i was huge into that yugioh thing, and have a butt load of cards i never use anymore. some are very popular cards, some are kinda rare, holos, regsulars, i prob have just about any kind of card. so in the intrest of im tired of seeing them..im selling the whole bag of like 400 for 50 obo, or by the card if you have a picky shopper who wants a spefic card or set. by the card ill 2.00 obo since i really want them gone. if have any questions about if i have a certain card pm me and u will search for it and let you kno, plz help me get rid of these, i have spent over 200 on the cards i have, i kno what there worth, but its time to move on and possibly make someone whos into it really happy. the only trades i would look at must be spyder related upgrades, i have on 05acs im working on so lmk and thanks guys..also have pokemon to if ur kid likes those. 9/10 of thses cards are first edition in very good shape