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05-25-2009, 09:04 PM
Custom Body to replace your VS1, VS2, VS3, RS, or RSX and make you look really cool. Worth over 150 dollars but if the price is right it can be yours!

This kit not only makes give you that one of a kind feeling that nothing else can give you but upgrades you with the some of the parts you wanted anyway
-comes with the eye covers so you will have the choice to use the polished or stock.
-12" J&J barrel, the vary upgrade that many new players buy new for 30.00USD
-Trinity Front Block, Allows you to install a higher flow reg with the standard ASA threads with an available gauge port. New 30.00USD
-Twist lock Feedneck, two tone but from the 08 electra and a much better quality feedneck than the VS series.


Conditions of the sale.
~this is "or best offer" if there is no offer then your it.
~Do Not offer if you do not plan to buy it, I don't care if you like it what i care about is $$$
~Will Part out if you offer generously this is the Last pieces of my VS left
~Trades, listed at the bottom otherwise buzz off, you ship first i CANNOT replace this.
~All sales final, once the transaction is completed its headed your way.
~I accept Paypal, M.O., Cold Hard Cash XP
~If you expect there is a delay in your payment notify me so I don't sell it to someone else, I will not wait for "pending".
~Pending= Money is en route via snail mail, "pending"= your show genuine interest
~If you would like me to hold on to it for a little longer till you get the money, I take bribes:cool:
~Be Cool

Acceptable trade list-
NONE at the moment

06-02-2009, 11:09 AM
OBO means make an offer