View Full Version : Murk'd Out-Tadao'd RIPPER 3 - For S/T All Welcome!

05-13-2009, 05:27 PM
Ok guys I decided to start another thread, the other thread just wasn't getting enough offers and I can' t understand why!!!:confused:

I think it might be cause the other thread didnt have very good picture at all, they were blurry and what not, but I just wanna explain that this marker is absolutely amazing. It out shoots or can keep up with anything on the market and thats no lie.

Every person that has shot this marker falls in love with it, its extremely accurate, smooth, fast and very gas efficient...Plus its very Sexy:cool:

The Ripper 3 is 1 of 148. They only made 148 Ripper 3s, and the Reason why they still have some available at boblongdirect is because they never sold them all:P
I don't know why, but Im guessing it was because of the price, on PBreview the suggested retail price on a New Ripper3 was $1700??? When they First came out ofcourse, but thats the only reason why I think the Ripper 3 didnt sell out. Otherwise these markers are brilliant.

The reason I have this up for sale or trade is mainly because I have other plans for paintball (PUMP!!), and I can't afford to sling Ultra Evils around all day like im Bill Gates:evilgrin:
Ultra Evils (Ever since I shot them, and now have a constant supplier for them) are now my paint of choice, I dont like to shoot anything else (unless im broke and cant afford a box of Evil) Otherwise Im shooting Ultra Evils which cost $80 a box. And they are ridiculous when being shot out of a CCM Pump. Ridiculously accurate paintballs, brittle and super thick bright yellow fill!
The Ripper3 can shoot these balls all day with maybe a couple barrel breaks but Honestly, my friend bought a bag of Evils off me and "tried" shooting them out of his Ego9 and LOL:facepalm: Barrel Breaks up the YingYang!
Please don't Flame me or clutter my thread, Im not talking down on the Egos, I've owned a Few, and like them, they're awesome and all, but in comparison with my Ripper3, I would prefer to shoot the Ripper3, Hands Down!
Its never let me down, functions 110% and TRUST ME, you wont be disappointed if this ends up being yours.

Now lets get down to business:D

Included is a Color copy of the Marker manual and Board manual I got Online.

1 of 148 Ripper 3 (Seriously, ONLY 148 in the World!)
ALL Gloss Black
Tadao Infamous LED Board
14" 0.691 Vice Barrel
Gloss Black CP Mini on/off
Bob Long Leverlock Feedneck
Eigenram (Just weight it on my scale, 7.5 Grams!, Thats a little over a 1/4 ounce, 28 grams in an ounce, 16 ounces in a Pound, Don't ask me how i know that:evilgrin: )
Brass Poppet
CP Shorty Reg
Custom SPD Grips (LED shines threw and looks sexy!)
S-Class Trigger

Right now I got the Marker's LPR set at 60psi, and it cycles and shoots paintballs wonderfully at 280 fps, which is the Limit at our field.

New Pictures!!!

$500 (Offer up, dont be affraid, I like to negotiate and make deals)
Bob Long Victory (Just to try it out) Can Add!
Ripper 2 + Cash
Other Timmys + Cash

ANYTHING JUST OFFER...Any other Electro Downgrade will be considered, but mainly looking to trade for another Electro that Includes $$$...Or a Sick ass Pump, or Nice Pumps + $$$