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04-20-2009, 12:47 PM
5 Man Woodsball Tourney!!!!

Located Between Pittsburgh Pa & Morgantown WV


From many phone calls and emails we have added a 5-Man Woodsball Tournament to our 2009 Schedule.

Date is July 25, 2009
Time 10:00am - ?
Gates open at 9:00am

We MUST have 6 teams or the event will be canceled.

1st prize - Trophy, 5 cases of Camotac Paintballs ($300 value) and $125 cash
2nd prize - Trophy and 5 cases of Camotac Paintballs ($300 value)
3rd prize - Trophy and $100 cash

Entry is $125 per team.

Paint will be XO Camotac Paintballs for $60 per case.

Bring your own paint fee is $125.
(If you bring your own paint then the team total cost is $250)

To Register: Send us your team name and a contact email and/or phone number to mvp_park@hotmail.com (there is an underscore between mvp and park) or call us at 304-554-3877.


To pay you need to go to the MVP Park Store (the link is at the bottom of the home page) and purchase the "5-Man Woodsball Tournament Registration"
(In the store, scroll down and look for the item with the MVP Logo or type "tournament" in the quick search bar)


You can call 304-554-3877 to pay over the phone.


You can stop by the field during business hours.

Game will be center flag:

10 per kill
5 per man alive
15 for the first flag pull
10 for flag hang

06-10-2009, 12:21 PM
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07-16-2009, 12:30 PM
1 week away! Register your team Here (http://shop.mvppark.com/main.sc;jsessionid=316E82A59831FB9DD6B7D6A26AADC87 0.qscstrfrnt01)