View Full Version : Regulator?

03-30-2009, 06:02 PM
Any one got any suggestion for a Regulator for our MR2's??

slim and shady
03-30-2009, 08:20 PM
CP makes a few that are nice for the MR2 because they fit right inside the front forgrip and you dont even know they are there.

03-31-2009, 12:12 AM
Yea as iv seen, Thats why i was asking hard to find, thanks for the help.

08-10-2009, 02:58 PM
for those that have the cp reg in the foregrip, did you use the long or the shorty


slim and shady
08-10-2009, 09:03 PM
I dont have one personally but from what I heard it doesnt really matter what one you choose.