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03-20-2009, 12:56 PM

Posted previously on other forums:
I dub thee: Tathlum - Weapon of war with magical properties and can be made by any one of the Celtic Religions.

*SP Ion; Stock firing can and breech
*Stage 5 feedneck
*12” Evil Pipe kit, .689 back installed
*Modified, Spitfire Board; 20 bps in semi auto
*Lucky Stage 1 LBM bolt
*Lucky Green Laser Eyes; DyeTex modified eye-to-board wires
*SP 360 QEV
*Kila Brand Detents
*Modified Stock Frame VA, with Stock Regulator with Male QD nipple installed
*Modified Trigger Frame Assembly with CP Magnetic Trigger
*Custom Trigger Guard
*Custom Oak stock
*AGD Warp Feed and 12v Revvi or Reloader B hoppers will be used.

1.Ion is mounted upside down in the stock so it feeds from the bottom by the use of a left-side Warp.
2.The solenoid was dismounted from the board and hard-wired. The eye wires and the 9v power leads are also lengthened. The solenoid remains in its intended position, in between the back and center banjo mount. The trigger switch part of the frame was removed and relocated to its new position and the longer eye wires allowed me to keep the board in the frame as intended. The battery is external but covered in a protected encasement and the “on/off” button is reached by use of a plastic cylinder in the hole bored for it. This allows me to use the original button, yet contain it inside the stock…as well as have the ability to “see-through” the button to view the lights. As you can see, a hole was bored so the gauge could be seen for adjustments.
3.The VA was removed from the original frame and I used one long length of 4mm tubing (provided by Chiumanfu) to reach from the VA to the solenoid.
4.The stock is made from 3 layers of ¾” Oak. The middle layer was cut out to form a “spacer” around the breech and barrel and covered by left and right panels. The left and right panels were sublet to allow the innards to be ‘sandwiched’ and cradled on all sides. The center and right outer layer are glued together and the left outer layer is “pegged” to keep it from shifting. The stock is then secured with two ‘antiqued’ captured screws. I sealed the inside of the wood stock with polyurethane. The grooves were then [slightly] filled with silicone gasket sealant to ward away vibration damage to the internals. The outer surface of the stock was stained with 3 coats of red oak. The Celtic Runes are burned into the stock by use of a common wood burning tool.
5.The Prod and front sight are made from steel flat stock and the trigger guard is made from brass. The Prod was heated with a torch and bent into its apparent “locked” position (The Prod was pre-bent to give the illusion it was under stress but it does not actually move and the bow does not actually fire). After shaping, the Prod, sight and guard were coated with flat black paint and then coated with matte polyurethane.
6.The Crossbow ‘Bolt’ (arrow) [will be] made from a dowel and the tip is made from leather to give a sense of ‘realism’…however the Prod does not move and the Bolt is cemented in place. The bowstring is common twine.
Overall length is 22 inches. Overall width is 2.25 inches for the stock.

CLICK the pic for a slide show of finished project:

http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v388/druidsdecendant/Paintball/Crossbow/th_1FrameBefore.jpg (http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v388/druidsdecendant/Paintball/Crossbow/?action=view&current=0e51fc33.pbw)

03-20-2009, 12:58 PM
WOOHOO!!!!!! GOT MY BOARD IN!!!!!! (only been waiting about 8 months for it)
I still have to lengthen the eye wires and battery clip by 8" each but that's easy work............and then get a plastic battery box to mount the 9V in [outside the bow]....and then I can test her with air and see if she works :D

Board works...lights are green (normal mode) and blue (eyes off mode)
Hard to see in the pic, the plastic button extension to turn the board on and off. The lights DO shine through the clear plastic (venetion blind adjustment stick) to see board status:

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repost... :p

i swear you posted this last year.

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I did...but I just got the board NOW .... -.-

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VID por favor

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That is really cool, you have alot of time on your hands huh?