View Full Version : want your gun pimped?

03-03-2009, 01:29 PM
anyone who wants that perfect milsim look on your mr1, i have the solution. you can be that guy who has the coolest gun at the field. i was getting bored with my mr1, and i saw some stuff about someone putting an airsoft gun over it. well i knew i had to try. it worked out great, and allot of people were interested in it, but the person lived in europe. well i can make more for who ever is interested. you send me the airsoft gun you want to use, and i cut it to fit my mr1, and i'll send it back . and if i can't make it, i'll cover the shipping back. I can do paypal. but you don't have to pay till you get it back, and if it's not good enough, it's on me. email me at: pntballer5634@aol.com or just pm me. i'm tryin to make some money and maybe get something going making custom paintball stuff. so if your intersted, give me a message or leave a reply. i'll post pics of mine. price wise, depending on the difficulty, it's gonna be about 5 bucks per hour i have to work