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03-02-2009, 11:59 AM
I was thinking about getting this operating system and wanted to see what you guys thought. Also if there were any recomendations as to which OS I should get. Keep in mind i'm' shying away from Linux because I like to play games...

Comp Specs:
4BG ram
500 GB hardrive
Geforce 8800 GT (512)
AMD Phenom 8650 Triple core prcoessor

Like always, Thank you in advance for you responces.

03-02-2009, 12:57 PM
The real advantage to using a 64-bit operating system lies in its memory allocation (being able to use more than 4GB of RAM). The problem though is that few games actually take advantage of the operating system. I am currently using XP 64 on my machine, and honestly I really hate it. Finding drivers for this OS is near impossible, and no one supports it.

A quick example: I have to run my XP 64 OS on a previous service pack just so my Geforce 9800 GTX+ driver is supported. Any updates to the OS and my system crashes immediately upon hardware acceleration.

Considering your application and the parts you already have, I recommend sticking with the 32-bit XP.

03-02-2009, 01:40 PM
im using it too, and i have the same complaints. being able to use all 4gb of ram and 64bits of processing is great, but some important drivers (like linksys wireless cards and dell mp3 player) dont want to run on 64. and others act up (like netgear wireless drivers).

X, i had the same problem with my 8800 after i installed NTune. it would BSOD every time i went to the Performance tab. i ran the stress test and then clicked on the tab, and it works now!

oh, i also have a little problem trying to install 32 bit on a separate drive, but that may be my BIOS...

03-02-2009, 02:37 PM
Idk, I'd wait for the W7 Ultimate to come out. It really is the best Windows has ever done... Linux should be fine until then. :)

03-02-2009, 02:42 PM
i hope they fix a lot of the driver compatibility stuff that the beta has.

03-02-2009, 02:43 PM
Like they said, compatibility is the real issue. If you need an OS now that will work with most of what you throw at it, get 64-bit vista. BUT, if I was you, I'd just wait it out until windows 7 comes around. If you look back through windows history, they tend to come out with a good OS every other time. Example, Windows 98 was great, Windows ME sucked hard. XP was one of the best and most stable systems windows came out with, Vista is...well...not good at all. The most recent service pack helped, but not enough. So, history would tell us that Windows 7 should be something decent. I'd wait for it.

03-02-2009, 03:12 PM
i hope they fix a lot of the driver compatibility stuff that the beta has.

It's a beta at this point, the RC1 release will be awesome methinks. :) I've only had a couple driver issues that have hindered my laptop's performance, and those were mere annoyances.