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02-24-2009, 10:58 PM
After a little bit of research i was talking to mrpurplehawk on aim and through a series of questions i found out some interesting information after he told me he didn't really notice a difference from when he put the balance valve setup in his pilot, so he put the gun back together but with a Hyper2 reg.

This got me thinking what the hell is in that pilot and as it turns out kingman graced it with the SE valve.
He said it cycled no problem and there wasn't any adjustment from when the balance valve was in it. Huh? I wonder is it possible that the reduced length(sound familiar?XP) in the body allows for a slightly lower OP, but how do we know what the OP is without a gauge.
:idea: amg ASA with 0-300 gauge>REG>macro to pilot asa>tank
:gasp: this is strange this exceptional result for a SE valve combined with the new body, is it real?
This is where we stop and you begin.

If you own a Kingman Electra or a Pilot with a reg I want your help, everybody else, well you can **** off:dodgy:

1. Get your gun chronoed for 280 fps, remember your using your reg to do most of the adjusting, if you need help use this method below, its from ottersccustoms lp guide.
"originally posted by teh odderI: need to find out the lowest pressure that the current spring configuartion will operate with. The stock springs is what is inserted. Basically what I do is set the velocity to 2/3 in and lock it in place. This is where it will remain. Practically a permanant setting. I will discuss later when this can be adjusted.

I start the regulator at 450psi. I start dry firing the marker. Every fifth shot, I will decrease the psi by 5-10units. The 1st and 2nd shot will not reflect the adjusted regulator. I keep doing this until the marker fails to recock. Once it fails to properly recock, make a note of the psi and spring combo. Add about 10 to 15psi. This is essentially the lowest psi that the marker will shoot at. This spring combo yielded a low psi of 375psi. Not bad. I am within LP country. But I like to see if I cannot bring that down more.
2. TAKE A PICTURE, If your reg has a gauge its easy , if not get creative and find a way to find what psi your regulator is set as. get creative, as stated we used another spyder that had a guage, remember all i want to see is your Operating pressure after chrono.
3.POST YOUR PICTURE just for redundancy confirm the steps above "here is my picture after I chronoed @ 289fps".
4.PROFIT in all seriousness lets get as many of you guys to post information before starting the discussion, for all i know i just lost the game?
5. Please don't ask about how the valve works I know the pin is round, make another thread if you care that much.

Thank You,

02-24-2009, 11:00 PM
for consistancy's sake I suggest anyone doing this to use the stock barrel, HPA, and let's establish which kind of paintball to use. I nominate Monster Balls since everyone can get a hand on them.

but if you can not do this please tell us what you were using.

02-26-2009, 10:21 AM
not sure how many of you have an electra/pilot and are planing on testing it, and i'm not sure how many of you are actually interested so here is the link to the pbn since i've gotten a better response of interest so far. unfortunately only 1 person has been able to do so.

feel free to still post you results here seeing as its almost taken a topic over there.