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02-22-2009, 12:47 PM
This past Friday night I had a very eye opening and scary experience that I feel I should share with you guys because I learned from it too and I hope that you guys can too.

As most of you know I am in college and I do drink, this was a drinking incident. I am also apart of Sigma Phi Epsilon on campus. Friday night was the annual BDO, Beer Drinking Olympics between the Greek organizations on campus. Sounds bad, I know but the event is very closely monitored and there were designated drivers set up. Most of the week we worked ourselves up for this event to do the best possible. Before the event we did a bit of pre gaming but nothing major. At the event there was not heavy drinking going on because we wanted do good in the events. That was an assumption, and it was not true. One of my friends was not binge drinking but he was drinking fast enough to become quite drunk before his event which was one of the last events. Some people had noticed and suggested him to step down and not participate. He still did. The game that was being played is the heaviest drinking games at the event. After the game was over we cut him off and continued to monitor him because we could tell that he had too much.

This is when it started to get hairy. About a half hour after we cut him off he was sitting on a couch, falls over to the floor and vomits. I and a few other people got him up and got him outside. I gave up my coat for him to wear. We got him to one of our DD's and got him away from the event back to his house. I had been drinking so a different DD drove me back to his house so I could continue to help. He threw up on the way home, its a 10 minute drive. When I got to his house he was having trouble standing and fighting everyone that was trying to help him. I stepped in because I knew him the best and calmed him down. The DD's had to leave to go back to the party to drive other people.

After they had left I asked him what he needed he managed to tell me that he again need to vomit. I took him outside and continued to help him. This is when he lost all control of his body. He was no longer able to stand, sit or anything. He also started to vomit uncontrollably. He also soiled himself. This is when I decided to call our president and ask for his help and his advice because I was losing control of the situation. I had already thought of calling 911. He and I agreed that this was out of our hands and needed to call. I hung up the phone with him and called 911, explained the situation and they sent EMS. They got there and took him straight to the hospital. He spent the night and is fine now, he was released at 11am on Saturday.

Why am I telling you guys this? To explain to you that **** happens. We hadn't had an incident happen at our entire school for ever and we practically thought we were invincible even if we weren't willing to admit it. The people involved handled this quite well. We made the decisions that we needed to make and it saved his life. His BAC was just over .3, he was going to die if we didn't make the decisions we made. I saved my friends life, do I want a cookie? No. I am just relieved that I was able to make those decisions. I didn't want to call 911, no one ever does.

So I and everyone did a lot of things right, but not everything. We should have told him that he is not playing in that game and stopped him whether he agreed or not. Should we had even been at that event? Probably not but we did handle it pretty good. Should I have called earlier, yes. As soon as you think you should call, you should call and it is the right decision, always. Another thing that I didn't even think of was the address of the house. They couldn't track my phone because I am not from the area. I knew the road I was on but it was basically a guessing game for the EMS driving down the road. I should have taken note when I got there.

Also, we need to rethink how why drink and why we drink so much. Its a competitive night every time we drink. Why? It shouldn't be. People who drink need to monitor themselves. When you know you are drunk enough to have fun, stop. Who cares if its 4 beers or 12 beers. We need to stop encouraging people to drink heavily and stop caring if people can't drink as much as others.

Am I going to stop drinking? No. But I am going to pay more attention to myself and others with the drinking. Drinking isn't evil. It can be a very good social event if done correctly. So all of you out there who drink please take all of this into account and if something does happen make the call. A hospital bill is a hell of a lot better then a funeral bill.

02-22-2009, 01:38 PM

slim and shady
02-22-2009, 01:38 PM
thats a scary story, Im glad it turned out ok. Personaly I never over-indulge. I did once at my grad party, I was so sick that was more then enough for me to never drink that hevily again.

02-23-2009, 12:05 PM
reason #2332455 why i dont drink :p glad you're friends ok though hopps! im usually DD at parties, not because of this kind of thing though, i just never acquired a taste for the stuff.

Hob Hayward
02-23-2009, 02:08 PM
Thats rough...

Though first term here... soooo many kids ended up at the hospital due to overdrinking... it was pretty ridiculous, at least a couple kids from floor every weekend... oh well, apparently we drink alot.

I personally know my limits, only been sick once, and I knew I probably would be before I started (edward 40 hands... lol)

02-23-2009, 02:15 PM

Good thing you called 911 when you did.

02-23-2009, 03:35 PM
Wow, thats a scary thing, I had something similar happen to me. The difference was we weren't doing any drinking games. We just went out to a club and were trying to have a good time. Someone slipped something into my best friend's drink that night, the doctors guessed it was GHB. I went that night not being the DD. I drank one beer and got a weird feeling so I decided to drink diet coke for the rest of the night, good thing too. We were waiting for valet to bring up my car and my friend started puking. We were about 30 minutes from home so I proceeded to drive hoping he wouldn't puke in my car. About 10 minutes into the drive he started puking uncontrollably, luckily out the window. He stopped for a second and told me to stop the car. I was on the freeway, but did as he told me. He got out of the car stumbled onto the ground and puked some more. He told me a couple times to just leave him there, which I obviously couldn't do. I told him he needed to get back in the car so I could get him home but he is 6', 260-270 lbs, I'm 5'6", 150 lbs, I wasn't moving him. It was then I noticed, like hoppy's friend, he soiled himself (being a nurse I knew this was a sign that he was more than just drunk, loss of control of faculties is a serious problem). I called 911 and he was transported to the hospital. His heart actually stopped in the ambulance and they had to shock him to start it again. It was a very scary thing.

If anybody watched 60 minutes last night there was a story similar to Hoppy's on there. Fraternity having drinking games had a kid drink way too much. He left the party, unconscious, totally unresponsive. He was underage and the house wasn't suppose to have alcohol in it, so they were scared to call the an ambulance, so they didn't. They put him on a couch in their library and by the morning he was dead.

To reinforce what hoppy said: If you insist on drinking, be responsible. If you or one of your friends are in trouble call someone and get help, who cares if you get in trouble, you'll feel way worse if someone gets hurt or dies. If you ever think, if only for a second, maybe I should call 911, do it, don't hesitate, just do it, you'll probably save a life, or maybe even more.

02-23-2009, 04:45 PM
that's heavy hopps, I'm glad it turned out ok. getting rediculas wasted is definately FTL

02-24-2009, 10:44 AM
it's all about self control, know your freakin limits. To be honest just hosting the event itself glamorizes alcohol and centers the whole experience around it, I'm surprised the fraternities are not being held accountable. Glad you made the right decisions and saved your friends life.