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02-12-2009, 10:22 PM
Ok, their not really lobsters but theyre from Arkansas!!

Ok, This is coppied from the crawdad forum I found.....

Well I didnt find it, my wife did. It was in my wifes flower bed. She knew I liked messing with them plus I had a couple shortly before we got married. After Tamara picked it up, she found out it was carrying a bunch of little ones. I know there was over a dozen on her when I got in from work that day but I was only able to see 6 moving around a little while ago. There were quite a few little holes dug in plus some spots I couldnt really see so there should be some dug in.

Just so yall know, we live in Arkansas. West part of the state with a low yard & we have quite a few holes from crawdads in the low part of the yard.

Thats her, prolly 4" or less. Only thing I can find wrong with her is no antennas(sp?).


This is the only little one I could catch for a picture.

02-13-2009, 03:47 AM

When I was in the 5th and 6th grade, we had this ditch that ran next to the road on two sides of our house (we lived on a corner.) The first month we lived there it rained like crazy which made the river near our side of town rise so for the next two years, there was a small stream that ran through that ditch and drained into the city drainage system. We used to take a piece of plywood and push it under the water and after awhile let it float to the surface. There would be dozens of small crawdads on it, but never one that big! Biggest one we ever got was about 2 inches.

Interesting animals, but I didn't know they dug in yards. So, are you keeping her?

02-13-2009, 06:59 AM
I used to have a couple as pets when I was a kid. They used to get out of the tank and chase the cat. I woke up one morning and they had torn each other to shreds, nothing bigger than a claw was left of either.

Got them free from the fish store, they used them to eat the dead fish in transit.

02-13-2009, 11:27 AM
When my kids were still kids(they're all growed up now :D ), one of our camping trips was in the Traverse City, Michigan area. We found a nice place to stay at right on one of the many lakes in that area. They had a small beach for the campground and when we went to go swimming, the shallow waters of the shore area had literally thousands of crawfish in it. I had never seen such a concentration of such ever. We got word from the locals that this lake was a prime location for big mouth bass fishing since they love to eat these crawfish. Needless to say this was a main attraction for my boys as well as since they caught and fiddled with these things all week long -

Where I'm located now, local restaurants serve crawfish. I think it's a southern thing. They're red and about average 4" long looking like mini lobsters. One of the restaurants I go to serves them but I prefer shrimp or crab they serve over the crawfish -

Never seen them as small as in the pic here. I take it you live close to a lake(s) or something? -

02-13-2009, 12:19 PM
my grandpa's got a creek that is filled with those