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02-06-2009, 08:16 PM
Both guns are modded:

I use PayPal (preferred) or money orders. I do not ship first. Lower 48 only.

I am just throwing this up to see if anybody's interested.

I have a 98 custom with an A5 A2 front grip. (using a stock hopper, but it looks like a cyclone will fit as well), 18" fluted Opsgear barrel, weaver barrel mount with bi-pod installed, and Opsgear skeleton stock. I also have stock barrel. The front grip has been milled off to make way for the A5A2 front grip, and the internals have been polished. I am including a spring kit and 40 round hopper.

The MR1 is a different story. I currently have it in a G36 airsoft body, but it was formerly a UZI style. It has an 18" RAP4 straight rifled barrel with 2 muzzle breaks(m16 birdcage and some other one). The other setup includes a folding air-thru stock with macroline and fittings, .45 single stack magazine, 4" and 5.5" barrels, homemade mock suppressor, and a standard 200 rd hopper. I will include both setups. I had to trim off some of the trigger guard to get it in the airsoft body, so the front part of the trigger guard is gone so it will look a little different when set up as UZI as the picture below.

The 98 custom comes with the bottom line, the MR1 comes with a remote nipple - the stock ASA does not fit due to the extended mag.

I am putting this up because I want to get an SP1 and q-loader, so I am looking for either $200 o.b.o. together, $110.00 each, SP1+Q-loader (I could fork out some cash with this), SP1+cash, Q-loader+more cash. I will consider SP1 trades before Q-loader trades. Offer Up! All prices include shipping and paypal stuff.


pic of both guns - the only pic of 98 with bipod
red dot and site rail not included
pic of other MR1 set up - red dot and site riser not included

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02-08-2009, 07:48 PM
Bump...pending on some people on the special ops fourm, but I might be selling each gun individually, so if anybody has an offer for either one and they are better than the special ops guys, then you can snag it. 150 obo for spyder and 125 obo for the tippmann...PM me.

02-10-2009, 07:22 AM
bump...with new prices

02-12-2009, 08:28 AM
up.......offers fell through, so everything is still available

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moderators - please delete this thread - i need to start another one that has multiple items. thanks