View Full Version : Spyder Sport F/S/T

01-25-2009, 04:27 PM
Up for sale or trade today I have a used Spyder Sport with a few problems, I will list below:

*There's a leak, not in the hose, other then that I have no idea where it is. Was goign to try oil and dry firing but ran out of Co2.

*Small crack in the grip frame, super glued (or gorilla) together, nothing but cosmetic.

*Grips stay on, but the screws don't cover the hole on one side on one of them. Grips are still secure.

*Minor fading on the green body, showing green in some place. But only one chip that I can find, and it's small.

*Volumnizer, or whatever, is scratched bad for some reason.

*The pin to cock it is missing, put a screw in it's place.

*The quick strip system to get to the bolt is missing the little piece that holds the pin in. I'll see what I can do about this.



Daylight pics tomorrow or so.

Because I have to post price, $40, but it's OBO.


maybe other markers. It's for my bro, so don't give him junk.

Post/PM whatever.