View Full Version : got my freak kit

01-10-2009, 10:35 PM
I got it the other day and man dose it work great I can group the shots great
and I can put them right where I want them. I know I made a few shots that I would have never made befor this barrel kit it just makes the RSX just that muck better.

01-11-2009, 08:07 AM
I liked my Freak kit when I had it. It was THE kit to have, back a few years ago. The ability to match paint better is always a plus!

However, nowadays with so many more barrel kits available (some of which that are MUCH cheaper), I'm not so sure I'd go with the Freak kit over some of the other kits out there. The ones I have in mind are the Warped Sports Lucky 13 kit, Dye UL's (not really a kit, but you can buy different backs and make one of your own), Redz Pepper sticks, MacDev's kit, so on...

But like I said, the Freak is a great kit! Good purchase for ya - especially if you found a relatively cheap one! ;)

Edit - just saw where you posted this. I'm not sure these other companies make Spyder threaded kits. A kit is the best thing for a Spyder, so good job!