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01-03-2009, 07:27 AM

* Almost everything is used. Therefore, for the most part, it will appear used! DO NOT BE ALARMED as this is what "used" means, haha!
* If it's new and never used, I'll say it in the post.
* I don't want paintball trades. I prefer cash, but offer up and we'll see what you have to trade for.
* All sales are final.
* Everything works. I guarantee that!
* Lowballs will be ignored.
* Everything is "OBO". Therefore, make an offer. If it's reasonable, we'll talk!
* I purposely price things a little higher than I expect to get. Make an offer and we'll talk.
* In most cases, YOU will pay shipping and it is NOT included in the cost of the item
* Highest offer wins!

************************************************** *****************************************


Spyder, Timmy and Ego hybrid. I made this a couple summers ago, and never really use it. The only thing this gun is lacking is a new anno job which I never got around doing. She rocks like crazy, but I hardly use her, and never play with her in a game. I just like the feel of my Rail better.

Milled it myself. It does need an anno job to finish it off (or not, it's up to the buyer), but it's a great gun!

Here's what's under the hood:

Spyder Victor body
Vanquished Ego adapter with Ego feedneck
2K2 bolt (new) modified to be shorter
Alias ram sleeve and poppit with spring
2K2 ram
Bumperless ram cap
2K2 front block
Lasoya LPR
Torpedo HPR
Ashcroft guage
Timmy dual detents
2K2 Clamshell frame
Modified Alias trigger (has a roller bearing installed)
Alias trigger guard
WAS 2.9 board (has all the modes you will ever need.)
LCD installed
Membrane pad installed
2K2 eyes
2K2 eye covers
Hybrid grips (gray - not pictured)

Price reduced! $300.00. Make an offer.

Note, the J&J barrel kit is NOT up for sale with this gun. I may include it, but you'll have to add about 80 bucks to the total cost.

Here's a video of it dry firing in my garage, then again in my kitchen - both are semi.

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v402/vikingshadow/videos/th_Spimegodryfire-0000.jpg (http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v402/vikingshadow/videos/?action=view&current=Spimegodryfire-0000.flv)

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v402/vikingshadow/videos/th_Spimegodryfire2-0000.jpg (http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v402/vikingshadow/videos/?action=view&current=Spimegodryfire2-0000.flv)

Shown without grey Hybrid grips here. I don't have the Ion grips anymore, thank goodness!



Here's a bad pic with the grips:


Vanquished Ego feedneck adapter:


01-03-2009, 07:29 AM
J&J Barrel Edge Kit - Spyder threaded

This is the older version of the kit. I got this a few years ago, then sold my T1's and then put it on my Spimego. It comes with 4 backs and a front. Starting the haggling at 80.00.



This is in great shape. A little wear and tear from use, but nothing bad. Kit comes with 4 backs and a front.

01-03-2009, 07:41 AM
Jerseys and Pants...

Red Redz Dimension Jersey

Old style red Redz Dimension jersey. X-large. No rips or tears or fading. No stains that I could find. It does have a bit of snagging from my packs over the years. Price reduced 25.00.




Blue newer style Redz eNVy Jersey

Newer style (not newest - I think it's a 2006 style) blue Redz jersey. X-Large. This jersey is in immaculate condition. Only worn once or twice to a reball place, then in a tournament. A few snags from my pack, but as you can see in the last picture, I started wearing my jersey outside my pack. No rips, tears or stains. No fading. Price reduced 30.00




Grey Redz Dimension pants

Old style Redz Dimension pants. Grey. Size 30"-44", inseam 30". These were advertised as "Bullet Proof Pajamas" and they practically are! No holes or rips, but some threads are starting to unravel around the top elastic, and a couple of green stains from Nelson paint on the side (see the red circle?) It looks faded on the grey part, but that's how they came to me new. No padding, but plenty of room for pads to be worn underneath. Velcro straps at bottom of leg allow for adjustment. String tie at top. Price reduced 30.00




01-03-2009, 07:42 AM
Pants, cont.

Red Redz Dimension pants

Old Style red Redz Dimension pants. Absolutely perfect condition - these are the most comfy pants I've worn just to wear around. Bullet Proof pajamas describe them perfectly! No stains, no rips, no tears, no fading. No padding, but plenty of room for pads underneath. Velcro tabs at the bottom allow for adjustment. Size 30"-44", inseam 30". Price reduced 35.00.

(Note, the line across the right leg is from the hanger with dust on it, not a stain or fade mark...)



X-Large 04 Red Empire Tournament Jersey

When was the last time you saw one of these babies? This was Catalyst's first jersey. There's one little hole where the elastic cuff is coming loose from the material of the sleeve, but it should be easy to fix. No stains that I could see, and no other holes or rips. There are some snags from my pack, though. In excellent shape! Price reduced 15.00




01-03-2009, 07:58 AM
Eggy parts


1. New in box (baggie) Eggy lids. 5.00 each. Can't necessarily guarantee shipping as they're light(ish) plastic.

2. Stock Eggy board. In perfect condition. 5.00

3. Eggy battery door. 5.00 bucks.

************************************************** ********************************



1. Red Quiet Riot Barrel (NIB) I won this from Sundragon in his contest recently, but I don't even have a gun to put it on, haha! I only pulled it out of the tube to take a picture of it. His packing list shows this is worth 25.00, but I'll sell it for $15.00.

2. Smart Parts All American back. One of the best barrels I've used. No front. 20.00.

4. Ghetto Speed Feed. I made this myself but I just don't care too much for speed feeds. 8.00.

************************************************** ***************************



What more can I say? 1.00 each.

************************************************** ****************************

ASA and feednecks

UFD Clamping Feedneck


1. UFD Spyder clamping feedneck with holes. Barely used. Excellent condition. 18.00

01-03-2009, 08:23 AM
Shocker parts

I don't have my Shocker anymore, so no need for these parts. Note - the triggers are used, but for the most part the other parts are relatively new.


1. NDZ twist feedneck. In great shape. 10.00.

2. Stock feedneck. 5.00.

3. NDZ Black Roller Bearing Trigger. Seriously, the best trigger I've ever used. Smooth as silk, comes with magnet, pin and Allen key. 20.00

4. Silver stock trigger. 8.00.

5. Stock Cricket board. Excellent shape! I bought this to test my shocker when I thought my Virtue Board was messed up. Used once. 20.00.

6. and 8. Stock bolt and can. Good for a backup, or experimenting on. In PERFECT condition. 10.00.

7. Eye cover. Nuff said. 1.00

9. Stock Shocker grips. In great condition. 8.00.

10. Shocker noid. I don't know what kind of condition this is in. I THINK it works. For a time, my shocker was acting up so I replaced the noid in it. However, it didn't fix the problem - come to find out it was the battery connector on the Virtue board. Sooooo, this may be a perfectly good noid that is going extremely cheap - orrrrrrr, it may be a broken noid going expensive, haha! 20.00. Pretty cheap price for a possibly good noid that for new goes for 100.00+!

************************************************** *****************************

PMR parts


1. Dye adjustable ASA. In excellent condition. macroline port in front, with adjustable pin inside. 15.00

2. Stock backcap. In PERFECT condition. It never leaked, isn't stripped, nothing. I think the "issues" PBN rants about are a bunch of crap because I NEVER had problems with it. 10.00.

3. stock PMR trigger. Personally, I thought it was ok, just a little weird. 5.00.

4. PMR frame. Despite the naysayers, I find this frame comfortable, but I have upgradeitis, so I bought the UL frame for my PMR. Includes PMR board (PM7 board) with 4 modes of fire - Semi, PSP, Millenium, NXL. Also has a few other tweaks you can do with it. It's a GREAT board! Shown with a blue Ultralite trigger, but doesn't come with it as it's sold separately. Frame will sell for 30.00. Even if you buy it just for the board, it's worth the money!

4 (part b). Blue UL trigger. One of the best triggers (short of the trigger on the UL frame itself) that I have ever used. It's super light, super balanced, and is extremely easy to walk. Sold separately from the PMR frame. 15.00.

4 (part c). Both frame and trigger together, 40.00.

5. PMR clamping feedneck collar. I have another one. Nuff said! 8.00.

************************************************** *************************

Spyder Parts


All prices do NOT include shipping!

2. 5.00
5. EXTREMELY RARE! Top cocking Spyder/Dragun Tigershark bolt. It's been sanded, but extremely light and a great bolt. 15.00
6. EXTREMELY RARE! Top cocking Spyder/Dragun Tigershark bolt. This one is in PERFECT condition! Extremely light, looks awesome! 25.00
7. stock top cocking Spyder/Dragun bolt. 5.00.
8. Stock top cocking Victor bolt. 5.00
9. Black duckbill 10.00.
10. Spyder Velocity adjuster. Top has been cut off. Great for halfbacked spyders! 8.00
11. LPC/Frontblock/gas-thru grip/SS line combo. In used condition. 10.00.

01-03-2009, 08:27 AM
More Stuff!


Tadao Musashi 7 Upgrade Chip for the VS. BNIB - never been opened by me. I don't even know what it looks like, haha! Again, I don't have a VS gun to put this in, so my loss is your gain! 22.00.
************************************************** ******************************


Original American Flag skull cap/dew rag. Used in one tournament, and never again.



03-20-2009, 07:33 AM
i know its been a while, but i was hoping you still had the musashi chip. i was hoping $20 shipped, but let me know. thanks.

03-20-2009, 12:12 PM
PM'ed on eggy parts and feedneck

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