View Full Version : Sexiest Minion 2007 F/S/T (pumps are a plus!!)

01-01-2009, 08:08 PM
This is a pretty much lnib Evil Minion 2007


There has been only 1 owner before me and he has only used the gun 2 times on the field (he had 4 other 07 Minions)

Also, he got the gun re annod. After the re anno he didn't use the gun.

I personally have not used this gun on the field. BUT
I have shot 3 pods through it after relubing and inspecting the entire gun.

This gun shoots absolute MONEY!!

What comes with the purchase

1- Evil Minion w/ Gold/Silver custom anno from GruntBull
2- 2 Ultralight barrel backs(.688, .693)
3- DM7 Feedneck
4- Tadao Universal UL Board
5- Clear Stinger Grips
6-UL Frame
7-Proto Gun case
8-Original manual for the Minion
9- Origninal manual and box of the Tadao board (the manual has a spot on it. I was reading it while eating some Ramen lol)
10-Dye mini drop
11- CP trigger
12- NDz Spring Detents

BTW, to let you you im posting LNIB or New prices for these parts. (minus the Minion...im not that stupid lol)

07 Evil Minion lnib-250ish
PM7 UL frame- Cheapest i found used was 85. Brand new is like 120ish? ill price it at 100 for sake of easier math lol
DM7 feedneck-17ish
2 ul backs-60 each new. 120 together new. Sooo they sell about 50 used. so 100?
Tadao Universal- 115 new. Ill say 95 used (boards maintain their resale well)
Stinger grips- 20 new
Dye drop is about- eh $15 used? i think...or is that new...
Cp trigger-35 new. About 20 used?
NDZ detents- what...ill say $8? i dunno, but they work good
$200- anno job from gruntbull

So $840? I think i did my math right.
SOOOO here we go?