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12-19-2008, 12:43 PM
During the making of the EM1 Disassembly, Cleaning & Reassembly Guide I was taking a small break & just looking randomly at a few parts & decided to read the warning on the side of the tray. “this is not a toy, don’t be stupid & must be 18 to buy this” normal warnings then a set of numbers following the warning.

For a second I thought it was the patent number. Then I remembered, patent numbers are longer plus they usually say “pat.” or “patent pending” before the actual number. The next few seconds, my mind was going ninety to nothing trying to figure out what these numbers could be. Then the idea of a serial number jump into my head.

Oh my god, could there actually be a serial number on an older Kingman product? I soon scrambled to my gear box to get all my EM1s. Sure enough, each one has a different number.

My first Emmie, Metallic Blue & EM1-Upgrade blue 6 dip board. The number is 7175605. And the Ram vent is skinny & milled toward the front.


The second Emmie was a solid black with the EM1-Upgrade blue 6 dip board. The number is 7171166. And the Ram vent is milled wide & to both sides.


The third frame came to me as just a frame, “red board” & near complete harness. The board was indeed the rare 8 dip red board rated at 20bps. The number is 7173906.


Now my third complete EM1 was another solid black body. But the board is a blue 8 dip. The number is 7168966. The ram vent is skinny & to the sides. Also, this board has a spot just below the connector where another IC or some programming device could be plugged in.


General knowledge would say that the lower the number, the older the item and the more rare it and/or parts of it would be. That maybe true here, my lowest number has a board that I have never seen or heard about with one style of milling for the vent. While my highest number came with the slower board and a different vent.

What about my second EM1 and third frame? The second EM1 has a lower number and the newer board, what’s going on here? Simple, the previous owner could have got the board wet and fried it. Then sent it to Kingman for warranty work and by then Kingman had switched to the newer 6 dip boards and put it in.

Not knowing if Kingman actually used serial numbers or not for EM1s, this could be nothing more than a worthless post written at 3am two days ago. Or it could be something that has just now been stumbled upon that is worth logging and looking into to farther build a better EM1 information database.

I am open to all opinions and suggestions about this and purpose listing this information about my EM1s along with any other known EM1s. Basically listing the number on the side of the tray and the board style being needed. While other information like the ram vent and color isn’t as important but could be useful.

Tray Number:
Board Style:
Body Color:
Vent Milling:
Other Comments:

Tray Number: 7168966
Board Style: Blue 8 Dip
Body Color: Black
Vent Milling: Skinny to both sides
Other Comments: Spot for another IC ~ IC #s ATMEL 0012 <AT89C1051-24PC

Tray Number: 7173906
Board Style: Red 8 Dip
Body Color: Chrome (frame)
Vent Milling:
Other Comments: IC #s ATMEL 0024 <AT89C1051-24PC

Tray Number: 7171166
Board Style: Blue 6 Dip EM1-Upgrade
Body Color: Black
Vent Milling: Wide to both sides
Other Comments: # on bottom of board CY-1051

Tray Number: 7175605
Board Style: Blue 6 Dip EM1-Upgrade
Body Color: Metallic Blue
Vent Milling: Skinny to front
Other Comments: # on bottom of board CY-1051

12-19-2008, 12:56 PM
Tray Number:7171095
Board Style:Blue with 6 switches CV-1051 "EM1 Upgrade written on top.
Body Color:Black
Vent Milling:Milled to both sides
Other Comments:Appears to have been resurfaced for gasket after anno.

12-19-2008, 10:58 PM
You could be on to something here. I never noticed the serial number at all actually. I will post my info tomorrow on my EM1s