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British Pete
03-07-2006, 12:52 AM
What's the Best hopper to run with the fenix? been told Egg with Z board should do the trick??

03-07-2006, 02:31 AM
yep probably .. unless you wanta save up and get a reloader b or something .. :p ... but the zeggy should do fine

03-07-2006, 02:51 AM
Go Zeggo woot! -

03-07-2006, 10:36 AM
Do not buy anything from Ebay unless you seen pics before...Trust Me...I just received an Eggy about two days ago and it had wear and tear all over...

I found a couple of websites which the pricing aint bad...

http://www.actionvillage.com/is-bin/INTERSHOP.enfinity/eCS/Store/en/-/USD/DisplayProductInformation-Start;sid=vFX_Z89V8lD_EItYXDA_z8WctCSbPU7kv4A=?Pro ductID=oY2sFAY7q9MAAAD7YXrNrsCb

Or PBNation.Com

03-08-2006, 01:05 PM
yep .. if you look in the search forums in pbnation .. then you should be able to find a pretty good deal

05-18-2006, 03:04 PM
i have an eggy and it works fine. but sometimes it wont stop feeding cuz theres no ball covering the sensor. that gets really annoying.

05-18-2006, 03:18 PM
are you talking about when you have the last few shots and the hopper's paddle just keeps spinning ?? ... it's supposed to do that ... all hoppers with eyes do that ... sound activated don't though ...

If it's not that ... clean your eyes with a soft cloth, or else you'll scratch the lense .... and just use a little bit of water .. thats on the cloth .. then you should be good

05-18-2006, 03:47 PM
I have seen quite a few of those new VL Vlocitys, and I even got the chance to play a couple games with it... It fed great.. Performed awesome too... I think it beats the Halo hands down.. They are kinda ugly at first but it grows on you, kinda like the Egg when it first came out... People didn't like the look, but they came around and it grew on them...

I say check out the VLocity... Maybe find someone at the feild that will let you use theirs for a game or two, and then make your decision...

05-18-2006, 03:59 PM
i gots an zeggy it is the best hopper eva{personal opinion}

also a few cheap paintball websites www.gizmos-uk.com

05-18-2006, 07:49 PM
I have the Halo B. I like it. A bit on the huge side but so far a fast loader!

05-19-2006, 03:43 AM
Viewloader Quantum FTW...feeds 8, yes 8, balls per second! BACKWARDS!

Seriously, you ask a question like "What's the best?" and you'll get 10 different answers (because there are like 10 different loaders, see?)

So, within the spirit of the post, here's VIKE'S TOP PICKS FOR LOADERS...

1. Reloader B2
2. Reloader B, Halo B (Angry, with Victory/Cheetah board and RIP installed), Vlocity
3. Zeggy (Z boarded Egg), Halo B (without the ^^^ listed) Ricochet
4. Stock Egg, Halo TSA Backman/frontman
5. VL 200
10. Quantum

05-19-2006, 12:10 PM
and the vlocity loader seems pretty good too

05-19-2006, 07:06 PM
I love my Zeggys......
Been thinking about ponying up for a reloader b...
are there any vlosity owners out there?
between vlosity and reloader b what do you think?

05-19-2006, 07:11 PM
i don't own a vlocity loader but i'd go wit reloader b all the way

05-20-2006, 02:22 AM
I don't know a lot about the Vlocity, just what I've read, but it seems pretty decent. When I made my list above, I couldn't think of anything off the top of my head that put it above the Reloader B other than ball capacity and maybe the width. Not enough to rate it higher, in my opinion.

I tell ya, though. I've been talking to some people with Reloader B2's, and they seem pretty awesome. Not just 6 different speeds, but anti jam software and programmable stack pressure so you don't have to worry about breaking paint in it...if it weren't so dang expensive, I'd already have one!

05-20-2006, 02:51 PM
I have a Halo B and the only problem that i have had with is that it HATES low batteries

05-20-2006, 03:46 PM
QLoader :D

06-13-2006, 11:19 AM
Hmm... I have an older Egg on my Fenix. It doesn't always keep up with me though. I have gotten chops because of that.

How do I know if my Egg is a Z board or a Y board? I know that the shell I had to replace was newer and didnt use the same size screws as the old ones so does that mean I have a Y board?:confused:

06-17-2006, 05:03 PM
it the egg quiet?

06-17-2006, 05:06 PM
The Z board on the eggy doesn't have a speed adjuster. Also, it makes a different sound when it runs empty, and slows down a bit.

As far as I know, Viewloader doesn't put the Z board in any of their stock Eggs. It's something you have to add later.

06-17-2006, 09:08 PM
My egg is hella noisey and it has a speed adjuster. haha maybe thats why it sometimes doesnt keep up with my gun.

06-18-2006, 04:31 AM
I don't know about noisy, it just makes a high pitched whine when it's empty. Don't let it go empty if you don't like the noise. I'd say you have the Y board because of the speed adjuster.

06-18-2006, 09:03 AM
Frick, that would explain why it sometimes doesnt keep up with a stock Fenix...

For an example of me shooting only 8bps on auto and it chopping, lookie here..


That first one is just my accurasy with a stock gun... lol

this is the chop one,


06-18-2006, 09:41 AM
Well, the chop could be due to blow back blowing the last ball or two up in the feedneck. I think the egg can keep up with those speeds pretty decently...

06-18-2006, 05:17 PM
Yeah, I think that a Z-board would probably fix that.. If not.. Halos/Reloader B's/Vlocitys all look Awesome! Lol..

Hob Hayward
06-22-2006, 08:50 AM
More likely its blow by like vike was saying, while the eggy may not be consistent, it should feed at a minimum probably 14 bps.

06-22-2006, 09:05 AM
The z board probably won't fix the blowback chops on the last ball in the loader. There's nothing in the feedneck forcing it to stay put. I usually had problems with the Egg on last ball chops, y board AND z board. The trick is to just not let it run dry...

06-23-2006, 01:01 PM
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