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12-09-2008, 02:08 AM
Hope this is in the right topic. Not really sure where to put it. If its wrong let me know and i will move it or delete it.

After trying to find a bandana that would fit my large cranium, I remembered the medical bandages we used to wear in the field. They were large enough to tie around your head and still hang down to protect your neck. The only thing is they are not camouflage. So i set out to make my own. I found 1 square meter of olive drab and tan fabric for $1 each. Each is large enough to make 2 bandanas. Bought some RIT fabric die and went to town. ( any one who has tye dyed will know how to do this)

First I tied twine and twisted rubber bands around the areas i didn't want dyed. (check out the RIT website to see how different ties do different things

Gathered all my supplies.

I basiclly followed the directions from the website, but started with the barker color first.


I started with black, cut some string or rubber bands, then Brown, then a ligther green, then Tan. (cutting rubber bands or string off as i went.) You can use any color you want. I know you speed ball guys like bright flamboyant colors.:D (just kidding) After i rinsed them out i sent them through the washer with a little detergent. This is how they came out.
I did some a few weeks ago and my team mates asked me for some so this is what they are getting. They look a little darker in person. the camera flash washed them out.

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Those are badass! If you decide you want to sell some, PM me!

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cool stuff

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Wow those look really nice.

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those look really good Jim, that is the first camo tidye I've ever seen

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pretty sweet :D yeah like TheDark said, ive neer seen camo tie dye but looks pretty sweet and gj with em