View Full Version : FS/T 3 Fiber Tanks, 2-4500 1-3000 Cheap need sold asap OFFER!!

11-21-2008, 08:04 AM
Hey guys, I have to get rid of some tanks I have laying around and get ready for the holidays. Today Im putting up 3 tanks a 72/4500 stubby, a 68/4500 carleston Adjustable output, and a P.E 68/3000. Im willing to let these go a little cheaper than what they usually go for, but no Lowballs please, I cant afford to give expensive equipment away, plus my wife would kill me, so with that said on to the photos and ill do the best I can to describe, always feel free to ask questions. Thanks
This is a Pure Energy 68/3000 HP Fiber tank, dated 3/04 Ok, now some guy told me once that the Newer Pure Energy tanks came out being a 5 year Hydro, but I dont know if this one qualifies for being a 5 year tank, if not its due for rehydro, this tank is guaranteed to pass, its in Great condition and reg works perfectly, it will come with the clear red tank cover and its gonna need a new Gauge, dont know what happened, its a 5k gauge and I never filed it passed 3k so dont know why it doesnt work, asking $75 shipped for this.
This is one of my favorite tanks its also HP and its a 72cu/4500psi tank, its in Like new condition, Hydro date is 5/07 still good for another 3 years, this is a 5 year tank, nothing more to say really except everything on this tank works great and is like new, I can include a Tank cover if requested, but it wont be nothing special, I have a Black Redz tank cover for this one. Im looking for $120 shipped for this one, OFFER
This is my Carleton 68/4500 tank, I dont know too much about it but ill specify everything the best I can. Its hot a Hyper Flow 201 reg on it, which is Fantastic, I used to use this with my automags because its got an adjustable output pressure, its got 2 gauges 1 measures in tank pressure up to 5k psi, the other gauge measures output pressure, in hundreds up to 1500 psi output, I tried to take good pictures of the reg, as you can see the adjustable part of the reg is on the top which can be adjusted by allen key. The reg also has 2 buttons which are the On/off Yes the tank has an On/off which is very helpful especially cause you cant screw this tank into any asa. The tank also has a macroline fitting, which is the Output of the air, and a regular fill nipple. This tank works Awesome, I've aired it up just a few months ago and played with it even with it being out of hydro and it worked perfectly, this tank does need a hydro, and I dont see any reasons why it wouldnt pass, if you buy this tank and it fails the hydro I will refund $25. Oh one other thing is one of the 2 gauges on this tank has a Break on one side of it, but it doesnt affect performance of the Gauge, the Gauge still measures PSI accurately, $105 shipped OBO OH and I forgot to mention, I also have the Mounting Bracket for the Carleton Tank, its a piece that grabs on to the neck of the bottle and then you bolt it on under the marker frame as you would a regular asa I can get pictures of it, just ask....Thanks for Looking

Remember this is OBO so please if your interested make an offer, or pay asking price ;)

I kinda need the Money, hence the reason why Im trying to sell some really good tanks, but SURE ill accept trades if they are of my interest or catch my attention, so feel free to offer up, Oh and if you have something like a nice marker to offer for all 3 please do so...Thanks!

I was just informed that the P.E 68/3000 is indeed a 3 year tank so its up for rehydro.

11-22-2008, 12:10 PM
Stubby pending to Warner0990

VS2 King
11-26-2008, 02:39 PM
pm about 72cu/4500psi