View Full Version : Spps Trigger Mod

10-16-2008, 08:47 PM
Well, I don't know how many of you have modded your stock trigger and I thought I did a decent job so I am sharing my results.
here is the article that inspired me http://www.sundragonpps.com/paintball_spyd_blade_trgr.html
So I decided to make my boring old spyder trigger into something .... cooler.
I filed away into some sort of shape.
dremmel to smooth out the lines
polished it once then polished under water (thanks Isong) and thats was an easy and nice polish.
drilled out with a #6 bit for a 1/8" magnet to fit.
and drilled a #43 bit and tapped 4-40 theads for a stopper

the polished one is mine and the other is a SPPS Magno-trigger