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10-13-2008, 03:15 PM
How the EM1 Works

The EM1 is is very simple on how it works. Just adding some electronics to fire the maker was added. I will try and explain each portion of the marker and what it does.

Circuit Board: The circuit board can be found inside of the grip. This is where the fire modes are programmed to carry out with each pull of the trigger. When the circuit is closed, this activates the microchip to fire the marker by activating the solenoid. By adjusting the dip switches, your telling the circuit board the ROF and the type of firing you wish to perform with the marker (semi-auto, full-auto, etc...).

Regulator: This reduces the output pressure of the tank to the markers operating pressure of around 400psi. It is mounted on the grip on EM1 out of the box. It does an alright job. By adjusting it and increaseing the pressure, you increase the velocity. Lower the pressure and so does the velocity.

Low Pressure Regulator: This is the round cylinder on the front, bottom tube. It may have a sticker waring of adjusting it may void warranty. This regulator takes the air that enters the marker and reduces it even more. To around 80psi. This is feeds the air to the solenoid.

Solenoid: The solenoid is a type of electronic valve that controls when the ram is pushed forward. When the marker is not fired, the air is stopped by the solenoid. When the marker is fired, the solenoid releases the air to push the ram. When the fire mode is stopped, this directs the solenoid to block the air flow allowing the ram to move back.

Ram or Striker: The ram is what hits the striker to open the valve and fire the marker. It is pushed forward by the solenoid releasing the air. Air is released by a hole in the pneumatic cylinder (E28).

Bolt: Nothing special about this part. It simply directs the air flow from the valve to the back of the paintball when the valve is open. Stock, it is made of a white, plastic type of material. As is, it is relatively friction free. It is also easy on the inside of the marker. The bolt is attached to the ram by way of a bolt pin. Pulling this pin out will allow you to remove the bolt and bolt plug. The spring attached to the bolt and plug will recock the marker when the solenoid stops putting pressure to the ram.