View Full Version : WTT - Speedball for your Milsim

10-12-2008, 06:00 PM
I find myself leaving the speedball behind and going MilSim only anymore. In light of that, I want a more appropriate marker for that task.

Only a few rules to live by:

1. I don't ship first - my reputation is self explanatory.
2. Serious offers only.
3. Each pays own shipping. I will use USPS Priority Mail WITH insurance and tracking number.
4. Lower 48 only.
5. Unless you are making a genuine offer STAY OUT OF MY THREAD. I don't care what your opinion is, or what you think people will say/offer or whatever. Your opinion is yours, keep it that way.


My offer...straight trade of your Decked out (and I mean DECKED OUT) MilSim marker (or 2 stock milsims - 2 A5s or 2 X7s or one of each)for my extremely tricked Stage 5 but MINUS this asa....I will include a Black gloss Unimount though.

This marker is well worth $800 in a flat-out sale in it's current condition (which is "used but flawless").

What I'm looking for - 1 extremely decked out externally and internally A5 markers, new style EGrips will take priority.

Will also look at older EGrip styled A5s or SP1's with a mess of other upgrades, add a small HPA bottle or a few 20oz CO2 tanks and Remote.

Stock markers like A5s and x7's or SP1's will cause me to say "2 for 1 plus at least 4 in hydro 20oz CO2 tanks and 1 Remote" (or 1 big HPA bottle will do too. 68/45 or larger).

NOT looking for Spyder markers.
NOT looking for pumps.
NOT looking for any other markers.

This is NOT your typical Ion...there is NOTHING stock about it and I TAKE VERY GOOD CARE OF MY GEAR. This one runs ROPES all day long...


Upgrades include:
* Original 1/99 Stage 5 body - 1/15 in this color (Black/red dust) - Rare item.
* Element v2 frame, dust red - also rare~ish since they are no longer produced. Membrane pad gland.
* Custom Lexan grip plates
* Spitfire board WITH INSTRUCTIONS
* TechT L6v2 bolt
* Lucky membrane pad
* Clippard QEV
* QLock Feedneck
* CP Reg
* NDZ magnetic Trigger
* Freak back and red AA front...total 14" - (NO inserts included)
* Barb's PB drop forward

Plus any odds/ends I can find for it. I'll even add a small container of grease for the bolt.

Just played with it today and runs flawlessly. As it is set now, 295 fps @ 100 psi. I shot 2 full cases on 2100 psi

Bring your genuine offers.