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10-11-2008, 04:35 PM
Well guys turns out I am not going to worldcup. We had a terrible experience with 3 of our teamates and we have split from Tohil and have gone back to Young Gunz.

Dont really want to go into detail but our old team(young gunz) and tohil joined to form a stronger team. They have always been a lousy team ,but he offered sponsorships and everything paid for so me and my other 3 team mates ditched our 5th member and played with them. When we went to the Guatemalan open there was terrible reffering. Most of the refs have probably never playd paintball before in their lives and the head ref was a member of a team(Figure that one out). Our captain was the main man of Tohil. He plays with his 2 kids and would always put them on the field instead of my players. He never worried about fielding a strong team desspite my protest, "we all have to play who cares if we win or lose" he said. It ended up raining and we didnt even finish playing prelims the tourney was 5 hours off schedule. We ended up placing 7th. Upon further inspection our points were not even added up correctly and we would have ended up in 6th. We also qualified for quarter finals but that never happened. Our captain blew a gasket and almost picked a fight with a teenager dispite him being 45. All and all it was a horrible experience probably the worst organized tournament I have ever been to besides that the refs sucked, paint sucked, fill station sucked, our tent sucked(1 plastic table for 7 players) and it showed me that the whole CAPPL organization is a complete farse. Did I mention that Dye nor Angel showed up to show f their equipmet as previously promised. The teams who organized it ended up top 3 despite being one of the weakest teams on the field.They didnt hold a second day for us to play quarter,semi or final finals.

We will probably go to a psp event somtime next year. We are also out 1 player, so if you guys no any Guatemalan paintballer who plays in the pro division here and is a back let me know.:D

As for my question I have a good friend going to cup and Im giving him money for a Yakuza and a Dye I4 or a techt l7. Techt l7 or I4?? I have my event but its just beat to hell used to be a camo and now its white, lens is destroyed:confused: .

10-12-2008, 05:37 PM
the i4 looks really good

10-12-2008, 06:44 PM
That's a really hard thing about the tournament, I did a few that were like that it was fun but it wasn't, it was fun playing but then the atmosphere was horrible and the people who were playing were rude and got away with ALOT of cheating -mainly cause of the crappy refs.

Oh well sorry to hear that, hope you guys can come back strong